Flowers add color and interest to any lawn or garden. If you're curious about crocus or want to learn to grow gardenias, you've come to the right place.

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SunPatiens plant with rounded bright red flowers surrounded by dark green pointed leaves
How to Grow and Care for SunPatiens
Sweet Williams plant with bright and light pink frilly flowers
Sweet William: Plant Care & Growing Guide
Mexican petunia flowers with deep purple petals closeup
How to Grow and Care for Mexican Petunias
Hibiscus with large orange petals and long pistil with yellow pollen closeup
How to Grow and Care for Hibiscus
English Garden - Hydrangeas in focus, beginning to bloom in blue, paired with a wooden bench
What Is an English Garden?
Image of watering a purple hydrangea in a garden
When and How to Fertilize Hydrangeas
Agastache plant with purple flowers budding on top of flower spike closeup
How to Grow Agastache
Oxeye daisy flowers with white radiating petals around yellow center
How to Grow and Care for the Oxeye Daisy
Bright pink and orange spikes of flowers in a meadow setting
How to Grow and Care for Stock Flowers
Partridge pea plant with small feathery leaves and yellow flowers closeup
How to Grow Partridge Pea
Blue mistflowers with clusters of fuzzy purple-blue flowers and buds closeup
How to Grow Blue Mistflowers
Brown-eyed susan wildflower plant with small yellow flowers with brown button-like centers on thin stems from above
How to Grow Brown-Eyed Susan
Bigleaf periwinkle ground cover with small green leaves with white edges and small purple flowers
How to Grow Bigleaf Periwinkle (Vinca Major)
Chocolate cosmos flower with rounded maroon petals and yellow center closeup
How to Grow Chocolate Cosmos
Johnny jump up violas with light and deep purple five-petal blooms with yellow centers on thin stems closeup
How to Grow Johnny Jump Up Violas
Yellow coneflowers with dark brown center cones and thin yellow petals radiating
How to Grow Yellow Coneflowers
Scarlet painted cup plants with red-orange bract flowers closeup
How to Grow and Care for Scarlet Painted Cup Plant
English daisy flowers with small white petals surrounding yellow centers next to grass
How to Grow English Daisies
'Bavaria blue' campanula flowers with lavender star-shaped petals and leaves
10 Types of Bellflowers to Consider for Your Garden
Pink carnation flowers in between leaves and buds from above
How to Grow and Care for Carnations
English daisy with light pink flowers
Plant a Spring Carpet of English Daisies
crocus flowers
Which Kinds of Spring Flowers Bloom the Earliest?
Purple salvia flowers
10 Salvia Species To Consider
yellow evening primrose
Learn More About the Evening Primrose
delphinium flowers growing in a garden
Up Your Garden's Beauty Quotient With These Flowers
Peruvian lily with white and yellow flowers
Peruvian Lilies Are Long-Lasting in the Garden and the Vase
Mexican sunflower
Mexican Sunflowers: A Beacon for Butterflies
angelonia flowers
Hassle-Free Angelonia Plants Bloom All Summer Long
California poppies
How to Grow California Poppies
Canterbury bells plant with purple bell-shaped flowers and buds on bright green stems
Ring in the Summer With Canterbury Bells
Scaevola plant with dark red bract stems and bright purple flowers
Spectacular Scaevola Flowers Can Take the Heat
Bergenia plant with small pink flowers clustered together next to large leaves
Bergenia Plants Provide a Focal Point in Deep Shade
Pink peony flower with ruffled petals surrounded by leaves and pink bud closeup
Help Peonies Survive a Transplant to a New Garden Spot
forget-me-not flowers
How to Grow and Care for Forget-Me-Not Plants
closeup of lilies
Check Out These 14 Great Lilies for Your Garden
Bears breeches plant with light purple flowers in field
How to Grow and Care for Bear's Breeches
Cosmos Flowers Are Incredibly Easy to Grow
New Guinea impatiens
How to Grow New Guinea Impatiens
Anthurium tropical flower with red spikes in middle of white bracts and surrounded by leaves
14 Types of Tropical Flowers
sea holly
How to Grow Sea Holly
coreopsis flowers
Discover Plants You Can Grow With Daisy-Like Flowers
Learn How to Grow and Care for Foxglove Plants
Columbine flower
How to Plant, Grow, and Seed Columbine Flowers
Nippon or Montauk daisies
Nippon Daisy (Montauk Daisy): Plant Care & Growing Guide
stargazer lily
'Stargazer' Lilies Are Exotic, Beautiful, and Easy to Grow
lavender is a long blooming perennial
These Perennial Flowers Give Many Weeks of Bloom
red salvia and fall flowers
20 Best Fall Flowers to Plant for Autumnal Color
pink calla lilies
How to Grow and Care for Calla Lily
Potted Geraniums
How to Overwinter Geraniums
9 Best Flowers for the Vegetable Garden
Snapdragon flowers in a garden
How to Grow Dazzling Snapdragons
black-eyed Susans
How to Select and Grow Black-Eyed Susans
How to Grow Lungwort
Jacob's ladder plant with lavender bell-shaped flowers with white anthers closeup
How to Plant Greek Valerian
purple coneflower
Coneflowers: Garden Favorites for a Reason
coreopsis flowers
How to Grow Coreopsis
columbine flowers
Learn How to Grow and Care for Columbine
Easy to Grow Comfrey Wildflowers
pink and purple hyacinth
How to Grow and Care for Fragrant Spring Hyacinth Bulbs
balloon flower
14 Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Perennial Garden

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