Floyd Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise Review

This sturdy, stain-resistant, minimalist sofa is built for years of use

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Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater + Chaise

Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise

 The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

What We Like
  • Easy to assemble

  • Choice of 5 fabric colors

  • Can fit through narrow doorways;

  • Solid frame and stain-resistant fabric 

  • Fair price point

What We Don't Like
  • Back pillows are slightly overstuffed 

  • Lots of packing boxes and materials

  • Heavy boxes

  • Shipping fees are 10% the purchase price

Stylish, sturdy, and stain-resistant, Floyd’s Three-Seater and Chaise has the potential to withstand wear and can also be disassembled to fit through virtually any doorway and up stairwells. This piece is practical and efficient, as well as cozy and approachable. Apartment dwellers, parents, and pet owners: Your dream couch has arrived.


Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater + Chaise

Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise

 The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

We purchased Floyd's Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise so our writer could put it to the test (stains, pets, guests—you name it) in her own home. Keep reading for our full product review.

If it is time for a new couch, take a look at Floyd, one of the trendiest furniture companies on the market. Established in 2013, this Detroit-based, direct-to-consumer company operates on the principle that furniture should be long-lasting instead of disposable. Its signature couch, The Sofa, is made with materials that withstand stains and wear, so it’s ideal for parents, pet owners, and those who frequently host company. It’s completely “take apart-able” so it can fit through virtually any doorway or stairwell, making it ideal for city dwellers or anyone looking to furnish a small space.

With a 60-pound, shed-heavy dog that loves lounging on the couch and a new baby who’s accompanied by spilled milk and spit-up, I hoped that Floyd’s heavy-duty sofa and chaise combo would be a fitting replacement and easily accommodate all of us in our narrow living room. For the record, we do everything on the couch— lounge, eat, feed the baby, snuggle the dog, and nap.

Floyd’s three-seater sofa and chaise in Ocean Dive (dark blue) seemed to fit the bill. My family put its style, durability, and assembly to the test, and after eight weeks of heavy use, the results are in.

Delivery and Assembly: Clear directions make it easy to assemble

Our Floyd couch arrived in seven days from the date it was ordered to the date it was delivered. When I told my husband he’d be spending the afternoon piecing together a couch, he wasn’t exactly thrilled. But I assured him that the site reviews claimed that assembly was a cinch and hoped for the best.

Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise
 The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

The sofa and chaise arrived in seven boxes (the three-seater without the chaise comes in four). While this made the project of putting it together seem daunting, the different parts of the couch were neatly organized in their separate containers. This left a lot of packing material afterward. While the expected longevity of the couch is meant to reduce waste, the number of boxes may be concerning for the environmentally-conscious.

The set-up process took 1 hour and 15 minutes, beginning with lugging the boxes through the front door and ending with the completed couch. The most difficult and time-consuming part of the assembly was bringing in and sorting all those boxes and their contents, which took about half an hour. 

The 132-pound box that held the frame of the couch was particularly hard to maneuver, so potential buyers should consider enlisting a second set of hands to help. But once all the pieces were in the living room and laid out, my husband got to work. Without any help from me, he was able to put it together in about 30 to 45 minutes. 

Buyers will appreciate the little details that make the Floyd brand standout throughout the unpacking processes. In addition to the bold, orange-lettered “Floyd” logo printed on the boxes, the inside cover reveals the greeting, “Hi there, I’m a Floyd sofa.” It sets a warm, comfy tone.

The kit comes with two bold, easy-to-follow instruction booklets (one for the sofa, and one for the chaise) and the “Floyd Tool,” which is used to fasten screws; it is the only tool needed. This bright orange gadget also doubles as a heavy-duty bottle opener so you’ll want to use it even after your furniture has been assembled. It is a clever, Floyd-branded multi-use tool.

Material and Construction: Stain-resistant and solid

The Sofa has a sturdy frame with steel legs that are virtually ding and scratch-proof (take note, cat owners) and solid wood seat and back panels. The upholstered version is made with pine plywood, then covered in Floyd’s soft fabric. The birch frame displays natural light-colored wood. Both types of wood are certified and tested for durability.

Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise
 The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

We had to keep a blanket on our former white and blue couch to avoid muddy pup paw prints. This fabric, which covers the majority of the sofa, is 95 percent polyester and 5 percent nylon, which is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Inside the seat cushions are two different types of foam for a mix of comfort and support. The back and arm cushions have a synthetic feather fill that can be fluffed after use. 

Design: Modern but timeless

In addition to its durability, The Sofa’s minimalist and timeless design is made for long-term versatility. The accompanying chaise can be secured to either side for the ideal fit in your space. You can even take the chaise piece off to turn your couch into a standard three-seater, but you’ll have to get a third seat cushion (not currently for sale on their site). This piece has plenty of space for at least three people (or in our case, two adults, a baby, and a sprawled-out dog) but thanks to its clean lines, it doesn’t over-clutter our small living room. There’s a two-seater version available, too. 

Floyd The Sofa Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise
 The Spruce / Karen Tietjen

The aesthetic of The Sofa isn’t especially fancy, but it’s fitting for our home or any modern or urban space. The metal legs have a slightly industrial feel, while the bench-like base provides clean lines. We got the upholstered frame, but the birch version offers a cool, natural look (for $300 more). Although the seat, back, and side cushions are placed right on the frame, amazingly, they don’t slip around no matter how much you move. 

This piece comes in five neutral and bold colors: Lunar Grey (dark grey), Saffron (mustard yellow), Mist (seafoam green), Ocean Dive (dark blue), and Oat (off-white). You can request fabric swatches online before you make your decision to buy.

Comfort: Soft and supportive, but not one you’ll sink into. 

Though the fabric is designed to hold up against stains, wear, and tear, it remains soft with a worn-in feel. 

Made with two types of foam (as mentioned above), the cushions have some squishy give but are firm enough to provide support. They’re also slightly wedge-shaped to give you optimal positioning while sitting. If you’re looking for a couch to completely sink into, this probably isn’t it. This couch won’t swallow you up or give you a backache. Needless to say, don’t let the wooden frame deter you; it doesn’t feel like sitting on a park bench. 

A minor critique I have about the back cushions is that they felt a bit overstuffed, which can make the seat depth feel slightly narrow.

A minor critique I have about the back cushions is that they felt a bit overstuffed, which can make the seat depth feel slightly narrow. When sitting straight up, I sometimes felt like I wanted to scooch back further. Meanwhile, leaning on the arm pillow with my feet up and to the side, it was perfectly fine. It is possible with more use that the synthetic feather fill may break in a little more. 

In any case, I usually opt to sprawl in the chaise (or as I call it, “the money spot”). The chaise gives you enough room to lean back and stretch out your legs, plus the width is roomy. I’ve taken more than one nap in this seat and plan on many more. 

Care: Cleanable fabric and a 10-year limited warranty

According to Floyd, most liquids can be easily cleaned from the sofa material. If you can’t wipe spills right off, a mix of mild soap and water or an upholstery cleaner should be enough to take it out. Specifically, the site warns this fabric is not resistant to certain stains, including (but not limited to) oil-based products, wax-based products (candle wax or crayons), ink, or mustard. It also specifically instructs against over-wetting the fabric or removing and washing the cushion covers, which “could negate the stain-resistant technology.”

I ever so carefully dribbled some red wine on the back of the cushion (you know, just in case), and guess what happened? It repelled right off as if it was waterproof.

During the process of feeding my infant, I spilled some milk drops here and there, but even after they dried, they were easily removed with a foam upholstery cleaner and a few swirls of the attached brush. But to really put this fabric to the test, I ever so carefully dribbled some red wine on the back of the cushion; it repelled the liquid as if it was waterproof. 

I had intentionally chosen a dark color to hide future dirt and smudges. The material has a slightly heathered look that could potentially camouflage any future discoloration (if this should occur). Right now, the two biggest messes that affect us are crumbs and dog hair and was able to easily vacuum sofa debris using the handheld Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, which works like a charm. 

Backing up their standards for durability, The Sofa comes with a 10-year limited warranty that promises to fix faulty hardware or replace defective material. This upholds the company’s philosophy of reducing waste, encouraging owners to repair broken pieces rather than dump the whole couch. 

Price: Comparable to competitors and worth it

At $1,695, The Sofa is similarly priced with other three-seaters with a chaise. Still, there are few other couches on the market that guarantee the type of durability and portability promised by Floyd. Also, keep in mind that shipping can get pricey, costing 10 percent of the purchase total, or in this case, around $170. 

Competition: Similar styles, but Floyd’s intentional features make it stand out

Rove Concepts Sophia Sofa Sectional: Coming in at over $2,000, Rove Concepts’ Sophia Sectional (view on Rove Concepts) is a bit pricier than Floyd’s The Sofa. Another three-seater with a chaise, the Sophia is slightly more elegant with curving upholstered armrests and metallic legs. Buyers get to choose from six fabric colors and pick a leg finish in chrome, rose gold, or matte black. In addition to embodying chic midcentury modern style, this direct-to-consumer brand defines itself by being environmentally conscious and handcrafting most of its furniture to ensure quality. While its style is timeless, It does not seem to have the portability or make durability claims similar to Floyd. 

Burrow Block Nomad Sofa Sectional: While the look is a bit different with rounded armrests and button detailing, the concept of the Burrow Block Nomad Sofa Sectional (view on Burrow) is comparable to Floyd’s The Sofa. Burrow is also a direct-to-consumer furniture brand with its three-seater with chaise at about the same price as Floyd—just under $1,700. This one has plenty of customizable options, such as five fabric colors and six leg finishes (three wood, three metal). Its modular design allows the chaise to be moved to either side or even in the middle, and the brand promises stain-resistance and durability, similar to Floyd. Order this couch, and it’ll be at your house in a week—with free shipping—arriving in a batch of lightweight boxes. The brand also sells plenty of accessories and add-ons to customize it even further. 

Final Verdict

This couch delivers on Floyd’s exceptional promise.

Floyd furniture is thoughtfully constructed for long-term use. With both style and functionality carefully considered, every detail of The Sofa makes it a worthy investment. This isn’t just a showpiece; it’s meant to be thoroughly lived in for many years. 


  • Product Name The Sofa Three-Seater + Chaise
  • Product Brand Floyd
  • MPN R664512816
  • Price $1,695.00
  • Weight 271 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 87 x 31 x 32 in.
  • Color Lunar Grey (dark grey), Saffron (mustard yellow), Mist (seafoam green), Ocean Dive (dark blue), and Oat (off-white)
  • Warranty 10-year limited warranty