Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights are those that attach to the ceiling with no gap between the light fixture and the ceiling. Semi-flush mounts are similar, but they have a stem (or some other part) that creates a gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Both styles are ideal for rooms where general illumination is needed but there is no room for a hanging fixture. The bottom of any ceiling fixture should be at least 7 feet from the floor; flush and semi-flush mounts are ideal for a room with low ceilings.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Sizes

The most common height range for flush mounts is between 5 inches and 10 inches. While there are certainly those that fall out of this range, this is where the best selection can be found. Diameters also vary but are often between 10 inches and 18 inches.

Think Before You Buy

The below examples are only a tiny fraction of the shapes and styles available. Before you buy, think about how big a presence you want your fixture to have in the room. Some blend in while others become focal points. Decide what kind of impact you want to create. Be sure to check the wattage. Overhead lights like flush mounts are usually intended to provide ambient light, but some are more decorative than anything else and do not provide as much light as some rooms need. Do your research before you buy.

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    Paris Flea Market Flush Mount

    Paris Flea Market Flush Mount
    Circa Lighting

    If you are looking for a little elegance and luxury but do not have the space for a traditional chandelier, the Paris flea market fixture is the perfect answer. The combination of gilt and crystal is granny chic without being dated or tired. 

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    Chandler Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

    Hudson Valley Chandler
    Hudson Valley Lighting

    The quatrefoil shape of this fixture is perfect for new traditional-style rooms. It is timeless and elegant yet has a bit of contemporary flair. This is a truly transitional piece that can work in a variety of different rooms.

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    Thurman Classic Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

    Rejuvenation Thurman

    This classic schoolhouse-style fixture is great for adding a little retro flair to a room. These fixtures are often associated with kitchens, but they are appearing more and more in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms.

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    Addison Flush Mount Lamp

    Jonathan Adler Addison Flush Mount
    Jonathan Adler

    At 4.5 inches in depth this fixture sticks close to the ceiling, taking up very little space, yet the visual impact is huge. Definitely traditional, this light is great for those with classic tastes.

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    Double Drum Ceiling Light

    Double Drum Ceiling Light
    Lamps Plus

    For those who want their lights to blend in a bit and not have a huge decorative impact, this type of ceiling light is great. It is simple and the double drum shade still has style.

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    1920s Odeon Glass Fringe Flush Mount

    Restoration Hardware Odeon
    Restoration Hardware

    The great thing about this art deco-style fixture is that it can also transition to modern rooms. It is definitely a show-stopper so use it in a room where you want to make a statement.

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    Eva Flush Mount Ceiling Light

    Eva Flush Mount
    Home Depot

    Although ceiling fixtures can be expensive, you do not have to pay a fortune for a nice flush mount version. Cheap and cheerful versions like this one are readily available at big box stores.

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    Polished Nickel Puck Light

    Union Puck
    Union Lighting

    Definitely one for contemporary spaces, this sleek, polished nickel flush mount has an unassuming style well-suited to modern rooms.

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    Olive Leaf Light Fixture

    Olive Leaf Chandelier
    Shades of Light

    At 25 inches wide this sculptural beauty has a big presence. Reminiscent of the sun's rays, it is sure to draw admiring eyes upwards in any room where it is installed.