What Is the Flying Stars School of Feng Shui?

The Flying Stars school adds time to traditional feng shui

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The Flying Stars school of feng shui, also called Xuan Kong, is a traditional feng shui school. To say that the Flying Stars school is the same as other traditional feng shui schools is not accurate because each school has its own focus or expertise even though they all use the bagua in their analysis.

Foundation of the Flying Stars School

The main foundation of the Flying Stars school of feng shui is the same as other traditional feng shui schools, and it consists of the following:

Fun Fact

Yin and yang is the ancient Chinese concept of dualism, which describes how seemingly contrary forces may be interconnected in the natural world.

The aspect of the Flying Stars school of feng shui that sets it apart from other feng shui schools is that it takes into consideration a time factor to create a chart of the present energies.

Flying Stars School Chart

The Flying Stars chart can be done on an annual, monthly, daily or even hourly basis, and it shows the movement of both positive and negative energies in any given space. The dynamic of the movement of feng shui stars is based on the pattern of numbers in the Lo Shu Square, an ancient divination tool.

The nine feng shui stars are the nine numbers in the Lo Shu Square. Each number is connected to a specific set of energies, as expressed in a feng shui element, feng shui direction, color, the meaning as pertaining to one's life, and even the potential influence on specific body parts. Because feng shui is a complex and ancient body of knowledge, there are many levels to any feng shui term or definition.

Explaining the Time Periods

The Flying Stars school of feng shui divides time into periods of 20 years, with nine periods creating a complete cycle of 180 years. For example, until 2024, we are in period 8 with its predominant characteristics as defined by the earth feng shui element and the energies of the Northeast direction.

You do not need to understand the complex ways of the Flying Stars school of feng shui in order to apply its wisdom. For easy reference, you can consult yearly feng shui updates based on the Flying Star chart to help you balance the feng shui of your home every year. The yearly updates help you with the practical application of specific feng shui cures to deal with present energies, both positive and negative.


Some of the terms used in the Flying Stars school of feng shui are the following: Base Star, Sitting Star, Facing Star, Central Palace, 24 Mountains, and others. Each of the nine feng shui stars has specific characteristics that define the energy created by its movement within the bagua areas.

The main challenge in people trying to apply the Flying Stars school wisdom is the tendency toward rigidity. The ancient knowledge as revealed by this school is deep and complex, thus the danger of its rigid translation and misinterpretation.

Begin With the Basics of Feng Shui

If you are working on creating good feng shui in your home, start with the basics and be sure your foundation is solid and strong. The foundation requires a clutter-free home, a home that has plenty of natural light, clean air and a sense of happiness and joy.

Once you have a good, strong relationship with the energy of your home, you can explore the movement of the annual stars and see if you can use any of the suggestions from the Flying Stars school of feng shui.