How to Successfully Fold a Fitted Sheet

Woman folding fitted sheet

The Spruce

If we had to choose one thing we find most complicated when it comes to laundry, folding fitted sheets certainly tops the list. Their odd round corners, straight sides, and inner elastic seam make it tough to crease and store gracefully. Typically our sheets are found wound up in balls and shoved in the back of our closets. You might be surprised to know that there’s a simple way to fold a fitted sheet that saves you the time and frustration that usually goes into this task. Not only is it easy, but it leaves you with a beautifully folded sheet and plenty of extra space for storing other linens.


Finally! Learn How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

A visual demonstration is the best way to explain and teach this trick. So, to avoid getting confused, watch our video above to take in every step and master the skill. It’s important not to feel intimidated by the complexity. Once you actually stick your hands in those pockets and start trying to do the magical flip that’s shown on screen, everything else will fall into place. Besides, once you learn how to do this correctly, you won’t forget it. Your clean, streamlined, and beautifully organized stack of sheets will be sure to impress your houseguests, especially your grandmother.