6 Clothes-Folding Techniques That Save Closet and Drawer Space

Woman folding shirts in drawer

Lumina / Stocksy United

If you hastily fold your clean laundry before putting it all away, you're not only wasting space and creating serious disorder in your closets and drawers, but you're very likely wrinkling all of your clothes, too.

The following folding hacks will save you significant storage space while keeping things neatly organized.

How to Fold a T-Shirt

Scientists have revealed the most efficient method for folding T-shirts, and, ta-da! We share it here, as shown in the diagram. The technique, described by robotics engineers at the University of California Berkeley, was a part of a research project that programmed robots how to folding clothing for maximum space-saving.

GIF illustration of how to fold a T-shirt
Illustration: The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

How to Fold a Dress Shirt

While you may be tempted to hang your dress shirts, folding them so they can be stored neatly in drawers not only saves precious closet space, but it also prevents wrinkling. The latter is a big plus if you dread breaking out the ironing board.

Make sure to button all the buttons, from top to bottom, before folding. Doing so will ensure a neat and tidy fold that stays wrinkle-free.

GIF illustration of how to fold a dress shirt
Illustration: The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

How to Fold a Towel

Folding both large and small towels in thirds is a real win-win. Towels folded using this method take up less surface space and are also much easier to stack. FYI, it's how most five-star hotels fold their towels.

How to Fold Short Socks

Any KonMari fan will tell you not to tuck one sock into the other after the pair is rolled into a ball—unless you like stretched out socks. Instead, long socks should be folded into thirds or rolled into a ball.

But what about short socks? They are not long enough to fold or roll. The diagram here shows how to fold socks like these without resorting to the old sock-tucking trick.

Illustration of how to fold short socks
Illustration: The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

How to Fold a Sweater

Bulky, heavy sweaters such as the one shown here should never be hung on a hanger. To prevent sweaters like these from getting droopy and stretched out of shape, neatly fold as shown. Afterward, store them on a closet shelf or in a dresser drawer.

GIF illustration of how to fold a sweater
Illustration: The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

How to Fold Underwear

While you may be thinking, who the heck folds underwear, consider this: Keeping your skivvies neatly organized, as you see here, will make it easier to find the pair you want to wear without messing up the underwear drawer. Even better, it saves precious drawer space.

Illustration of how to fold underwear
Illustration: The Spruce / Ellen Lindner