Food and Cooking Terms: Cajun Cuisine to Curry Powder

Nectarine Chutney
Nectarine Chutney. Diana Rattray

Food and Cooking Terms - C

Cajun Cuisine - A cuisine with both Southern and French influences.

Caper - Capers are unopened flower buds which come from the caper bush. They are usually pickled, and are peppery in flavor. (Remoulade Sauce)

Capon - A young, neutered rooster, ranging in size from 4 to 10 pounds. A very good choice for roasting or stewing.

Caraway Seeds - An aromatic spice with a pungent, licorice flavor.

Available whole or ground. (Beer Rye Bread, No-Knead)

Cardamom - This spice, from the ginger family, has a sweet, ginger-like flavor. Available as seeds or ground. Recipes: 

Casserole - This is actually the name of the baking dish. Casserole recipes may include vegetables, meats, grains, or other combination of ingredients, usually bound by a thick sauce or cream soup.

Cayenne - A small, hot, chile pepper, usually used ground or in pepper sauces.

Chili Powder - A spicy blend of ground chile peppers and spices. (Homemade Chili Powder)

Chive - A relative of onion and garlic, chives have and a mild onion flavor. Available fresh and dried.

Chorizo - A highly spiced, coarsely ground pork sausage, widely used in Spanish and Mexican cooking.

Chunks - Usually bite-size pieces, about 1-inch or larger.

Chutney - A condiment which usually contains fruit or vegetables, sugar, vinegar and spices. (Curried Nectarine Chutney)

Cilantro - A pungent, leafy herb resembling flat-leaf parsley. Cilantro is sometimes called Chinese parsley, Coriander, or Mexican parsley. It is available fresh or dried. 

Clarified butter - Unsalted butter which has been melted and skimmed of milk solids. 

Cobbler - A baked dessert dish consisting of fruit filling covered with a sweet biscuit or piecrust topping.


Comino - Ground cumin seeds.

Compote - Combination of fresh or cooked fruits. May be served hot or chilled. 

Conserve - Combination of fruits, cooked with sugar. Nuts and raisins are frequently added. 

Court Bouillon - A savory bouillon made from fish stock. Court bouillon is used for poaching fish and as a base for fish sauces. (Cajun Fish Courtbouillon)

Crab boil - A mixture of herbs and spices, used to flavor the water for seafood. (Cajun Seafood Boil Mix)

Cracklings - Crispy cooked pieces of fatty meat, such as salt pork. Sometimes added to Southern cornbread.

Croquettes - Ground or minced cooked food, such as chicken, turkey, or salmon, bound with a thick sauce, formed into patties or balls, then fried. (Deep-Fried Chicken Croquettes)

Crush - To mash food or bruise leaves of fresh herbs to release flavors.

Cube - To cut into cubes, about 1/2- to 1-inch. Cube may also mean to tenderize meat with a tenderizing mallet or utensil which makes "cube" imprints.

Cumin - A spice frequently used in Latin American, Oriental, and Indian cooking. Cumin has a warm, salty-sweet flavor similar to caraway.

Cure - To preserve food--usually meat or fish--by pickling, smoking, drying, salting, or storing in a brine.


Curry Powder - A blend of up to 20 herbs and spices, curry powder is widely used in Indian cooking.

Cut in - To incorporate solid fat into dry ingredients using a pastry blender or knives.