FoodPhoto: Food Photography Festival in Denmark

FoodPhoto Festival
FoodPhoto Festival. Günter Beer

FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL is a bi-annual event that brings together food photography professionals from all over the world to present their works, share experiences, discuss the latest trends, meet partners for new projects and participate in conferences and workshops. I had the pleasure to interviewfounder and food photographer Günter Beer about the festival.

Tell us about the Foodphoto Festival. How did it come about? 

Photographers are normally working in their studios.

 They often know each other only by name by following publications, but they do not meet up. I was visiting Photo Festival VISA in Perpignan, France for almost two decades. At some point my interest moved to food photography—so the festival was becoming less and less important for me. I looked around but I did not find a high level international festival for food photography. So, I decided to change that and started FoodPhoto Festival in 2008. The festival has two objectives, to improve the image of food photography and to show the people behind.

The upcoming festival in Veijle, Denmark is the 3rd one. How has the event grown over time?

Denmark is reference for good design, and the Danish chefs are nowadays on top with new ideas and recipes. Vejle is the perfect setting for the festival—not too big, easy to get to with good infrastructure and, most importantly, nice and motivated people that support us.

The number of visitors has been growing constantly—we expect up to 500 professionals and 10000 exhibition visitors. Since we opened registration two weeks ago, we received bookings from South Africa, Chile, USA, Russia, Singapore and of course, all of Europe.  

Who is attending? What should they expect?

Professionals: food photographers, food stylists, cooks, art buyers, food blogger, food journalists and cook book writers and publishers.

They should expect to be having fun, getting inspirations for their work, and building a network with colleagues and possible clients.

What happens at the portfolio review?

One part of the networking opportunities at the festival are the network dinner and the portfolio reviews. Chances for both sides. Art buyers may find new talents, photographers may find new clients. Also contacts between food stylists and photographers can be made. 

Anything else that’s important to know about the festival?

Photography is gaining strengths in the art market—but there are almost no food images. If you look back at the middle-age for example a main subject in paintings was food. A goal of the festival is to get food photography into art trade and museums.