Football Toys and Action Figures

You might know a die-hard football fan. Maybe you are one yourself? Not only do these super-fans love to support their team, they love to collect and own anything related to their team and favorite players. They sleep, eat, and dream football.

Tired of only buying jerseys, t-shirts cups, blankets? Is yelling at the kids to stop throwing the ball inside the house frustrating?

Here are some football toys, games and collectible action figures your fanatic will love to add to their collection.

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    Tudor Games Electric Football
    Tudor Games

    Some kids love to be a part of the game action, and enjoy rough house play and tackling. Others might not be as physical but love the players, the rules and want to be part of the action in a different way.

    Electric Football allows players to call and design plays just like a real coach would in a game-time situation. This isn't a simple board game. Electric Football is meant for true fans who have a deep appreciation for each and every offensive and defensive play.

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    Tom Brady McFarlane Toys Football Action Figures
    McFarlane Toys

    McFarlane toys has found a way to make NFL football heroes of past and present a cool addition to a desk, bedroom or home office. These football action figures include individual players and unique special collections. If bought early enough, you can purchase some for under $20. Fans like myself, who adore Tom Brady and the Patriots could be buying a McFarlane toys collectible on for almost $800.


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    Nerf Flag Football

    Some kids may not be excited to put on all the gear and go head to head against other players, but flag football is a very popular sport with kids, starting in Kindergarten all the way through adulthood. Tackling isn't for everyone but kids can grasp the concept of the game and get exercise, tackling someone a bit more safety, reaching for a flag instead.

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    Oyo sports Gametime Set Patriots
    Oyo Sports

    Using construction bricks, similar to that of a LEGO, fans can build their own trainer carts and end zone areas, brick by brick. Fans can also collect different players from any NFL team. Some fans choose to build and display the sets, others will play out their own Superbowl fantasies of past, present and future. What's great about OYO figures is that for kids who like fantasy football, they can use their OYO sports figures to play out their own game time situations. Superstitious fans...MORE might also have their favorites tucked away in their pockets during real live game times as a good luck charm.

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    EA Sports Madden 16
    EA Sports / Amazon

    Each year a new Madden NFL video game is released, for either XBox or Playstation video game systems. Players can play on their own or online against opponents, as their favorite team or create their own dream team. Not sure if your child or fan will like it? Video games are items that families often choose to buy used in order to save money.

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    Kaskey Kids Football Guys
    Amazon / Kaskey Kids

    Football guys in this set are similar to those iconic green army men. Roll out the washable felt field, set up the end zones, place the referee and use any one of the 30 players to get a game in action within seconds. When the game is over kids also have a plastic storage bin to put their players in and can easily return them back to the closet to await another game at a later time.


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    NFL Rush Zone
    University Games

    Players get to customize the end zone and play as their favorite team. Game play involves rolling the dice to move the football up and down the field, alternating between offensive and defensive game play. Players keep score and game play lasts about 20 minutes.