For the Love of Home

For the Love of Home: Create a Home That Speaks to You

Your space is a reflection of you and the people you live with. Decorating and arranging it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed goes a long way to making you feel relaxed in your space, and making a place feel like 'home'. It doesn't matter whether you rent or own your home—there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to create a home you love.

From smart home upgrades that make life easier, to cozy decorating ideas for bedroom and beyond, find out how to create a home you love, whatever that means to you.

5 Ways to Love Your Home, Even When It's Not Your Dream Home

Ways to Love Your Home, Even When It's Not Your Dream Home

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Your home—whether it’s your dream home or far from it—is where lifelong memories are made. There, you’ll bring home a new kitten, host beloved friends and family, kick off your shoes after a long day, and sing a little too loudly while cooking dinner. Whether you rent or own, nearly no home is perfect. By reframing your perspective, you’ll be able to appreciate the positive sides of your home, instead of focusing on what your budget or landlord doesn’t allow you to change. After all, home is where the heart is. Read on for five ways to love your home, even when it’s not your dream home.

18 Small Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Work Smarter for You

Small upgrades that will make your home work smarter for you

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Many parts of your home’s daily functioning could benefit from a “smart” update. Check out some of these everyday items that have been upgraded to make your life easier—as well as some more basic items that can do some of the work for you as well. Whether you own or rent, adding the right products can make a difference in your home.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like "You"

Ways to make your home feel like "you"

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There are plenty of simple changes that you can make to your space to ensure that it better reflects your unique personal style and truly feels like you. Here, designers share a handful of useful tips on how to invoke plenty of personality into any size of living space.

3 Designers On What They Love Most About Their Own Homes

Designers on the thing they love most about their own homes

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We all have something we love about our homes—whether it’s a particular room in the house, a quirky feature, or even a favorite piece of furniture or technology that makes life so much easier for you. We spoke to three interior designers to find out what they love most about their own homes, but rather than focusing on the design of their homes, all three had more to say about how their homes make them feel. Here’s what three interior designers had to say about their favorite part of their home.

6 Home Trends That Make Your Home More Accessible

6 home trends that make your home more accessible

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Whether you are living with a disability or not, making your home more accessible is always a good idea. Not only does an accessible space make your home more inviting and functional for people of all ages and abilities, but it also makes it more marketable should you ever decide to sell in the future. And while trends in home design and decor come and go, there are a few current trends that can actually make your home more accessible (and super stylish too). Here are 6 home trends that make your home more accessible.

Love Letter to My Home: Designers Write Odes to Their Spaces

Love letter to my home: designers write odes to their spaces

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We asked pros to pen love letters to their spaces—and believe it when we say their sentiments are awfully moving and sweet. We won't blame you if you have to grab the tissues.

15 of the Coziest Bedroom Ideas We've Ever Seen

15 cozy bedroom ideas

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There is nothing more important than a cozy bedroom that makes you feel safe and warm and sheltered from the chaos of the world. So what makes a space feel cozy? While that might be subjective based on your personality and individual tastes, there are some elements that make a room feel universally cozy—a comfy bed, soft lighting, and decor details that make it feel like home. Check out these inviting bedrooms in a range of styles for inspiration on how to do the same for your own space.

How to Create a Private Retreat in Your Home

Create a private retreat in your home

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If you need a place to get away to do what you love, why not create a private retreat where you can go to unwind, read, and take sanctuary from outside intrusions? Without adding on to your house, you'll be able to find a special spot that is yours alone. Read on to find just the right idea for you to create your own sanctuary—you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to escape without going anywhere.