Force of Nature Eco Friendly Cleaner Starter Kit Review

Clean your home with safe, simple ingredients

Force of Nature Cleaning Kit
Force of Nature Cleaning Kit. Photo © Force of Nature

The Force of Nature™ cleaning kit includes everything you need to start cleaning and disinfecting your home, the eco-friendly way. If you've been wanting a green, natural product with no fragrances or toxins, you'll want to give this product a try.

Product description:

  • For cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting
  • Disinfects up to ten times better than using bleach, but safer on hands
  • A premeasured capsule includes salt, water, and vinegar, which is added to cool tap water
  • Effective for eliminating germs and viruses including salmonella, listeria, EColi and more
  • Clean: sticky messes, mold mildew, grime, soap scum and more on any surface
  • Safe to clean on tile, granite, wood, glass, stovetops, plastic, carpets and more
  • Removes tough odors from sports equipment, cat litter, pet accidents, shoes, trash cans
  • Safe to disinfect baby gear
  • Eco-friendly - no dyes, preservatives, fragrances and additives
  • Packaging is 100% biodegradable; bottles are not discarded, are reusable.
  • Kit includes an Activator Base appliance with 5 capsules, 12 oz spray bottle, and 2 oz On-the-Go bottle to disinfect shopping carts, handles, door knobs
  • Save money with low operation costs and a versatile cleaner
  • Quick starter guide and kid-friendly operation
  • Available at
  • Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

    Because of scent allergies, I have pulled away the last few years from fragrant cleaners, going back to the basics and embracing natural cleaners. Hence why I couldn't wait to try this new cleaning starter kit from Force of Nature.

    Besides evaluating cleaning efficiency, I also wanted to see if it's possible to use only one natural product for counters, fixtures, floor spots, baseboards, fingerprints on walls and trim, and so on.

    This one promises to meet that need, but can it deliver. That would certainly cut down on expense and storage space.

    How it performed:

    The capsule set-up process is fairly simple and it takes about 6 minutes to activate on the electric base, then you pour the solution into the pump bottle. This bottle has a pressurized pump spray (non-aerosol) which works very well and it's comfortable to hold and use, for short cleaning sprees. Though it's smaller than a store-bought cleaner bottle, it's perfect for some areas and items. The tiny spray bottle would be very convenient in the camper.

    It seems the more I used this cleaner, the more I thought of cleaning with it. And many are things that I wouldn't clean with bleach or my usual cleaner, so this is definitely a bonus. I love that this disinfects as it cleans too. Here are just some items and results:

    • Cosmetic brushes - perfect
    • Vegetable brushes - perfect
    • Pot scrubbers - perfect
    • Ceramic stovetop - left it shiny, removed new spots not old ones
    • Sprouter to disinfect between batches - ideal
    • Chrome taps - good shine; handy for getting area behind them
    • Bathroom vanity - nice shiny clean
    • Baseboard grime - better, quicker than my usual cleaner
    • Fingerprints on trim - great
    • Disinfecting door knobs, handles - perfect and handy
    • Counter where raw meat sat - ideal

    It's much easier to use this spray bottle as the need arises (could be several times a day) if you keep it handy, than it is to take out a larger cleaner which must be diluted with water. Knowing that you've disinfected as well as cleaned is reassuring. For those who have kids, I can see this being a great disinfecting tool for children's items.

    Because of the size of the bottle, I find it perfect for certain things and on-the-fly cleaning. At this stage, I'm not totally convinced that it would replace all my cleaners, especially for larger surfaces. But I do love the fact that it's scent-free and so convenient to use.

    There's five capsules that come with this starter kit and storage for them (genius) at the back of activator base.

    According to the manufacturer, the mixed solution loses its disinfecting power after two weeks, which means using another capsule and activating it.

    It depends how much you're cleaning with it, how many refills you'd use in a month. Though I find the price of the starter kit a little high, a 25-count capsule package only has an MSRP of $12.99, so low operating costs. If buying, it would be wise to get a replacement package to keep on hand.

    Of course, it's not possible to see or measure the effectiveness of the disinfecting, but I do like what I see for cleaning performance especially for certain applications. Combine that with an easy-to-use bottle and a scent-free earth-friendly solution and I like it. A lot. It will not likely replace all my other cleaners, but it's a good tool to disinfecting what you clean, so I don't mind adding it to my cleaning arsenal.