7 Spaces We All Forget to Decorate for the Holidays

christmas trees in playroom

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November is here, and it's time to start making that list and checking it twice...when it comes to decking out your home for the winter holidays, that is! You may have already purchased some new string lights and begun to unpack those ornaments, but let's face it, there are so many other opportunities for holiday decorating that extend beyond the front porch and living room. If you're looking to make your home feel a little more spirited this season, why not veer off the beaten path and spread holiday cheer in your breakfast nook, primary bedroom, and even in the bathroom? Below, we're highlighting seven often forgotten about parts of your home that would totally benefit from a bit of seasonal decor.

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    The Bathroom

    christmas decor in bathroom

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    The bathroom is way more than just a utilitarian space! You can certainly outfit this room for the season with a few simple decorations, like the bottle brush trees that are thoughtfully scattered here. Then, light some candles, cue up a holiday playlist, and take a nice, long soak in the tub before getting ready for an endless stream of parties and gift exchanges—you deserve a little R&R.

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    The Playroom

    playroom decorated for christmas

    Finding Lovely

    If you have little ones, the odds are that they're absolutely bouncing off the walls in anticipation of the holidays. Make their play space feel nice and seasonal with the addition of a few small wreaths or some string lights, which will tide them over until Santa makes an appearance.

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    A Long Hallway

    christmas decor in hallway

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    You may have already tackled decorating your front entryway for the holidays, but if you have a long hallway that could use some attention, make that spot next on your list. A long console table makes for an excellent place to display a holiday village, a menorah, or some dazzling taper candles. Add as much or as little color as you wish—here, a neutral display is nice and serene while still being cheerful.

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    Your Dining Nook

    christmas decor in dining nook

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    Perhaps you plan to enjoy a big holiday meal in your dining room and have already decorated that space to the nines. Well, there's no reason the dining nook in your kitchen can't get in on the fun, too. After all, this is likely where your family consumes most day to day meals, so why not add a few seasonal touches to the space? Even if you plan to keep your Christmas tree in the living room, stringing some garland and setting out some candles and snowflake cutouts—as seen in the kitchen above—will do the job!

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    Your Primary Bedroom

    bedroom with christmas decor

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    Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you won't derive joy from waking up in a winter wonderland each and every morning. To outfit your primary bedroom for the holiday, you'll want to gather inspiration from the setup above. Place a few mini Christmas trees on your dresser or nightstand, then add some evergreen trimmings or eucalyptus to a couple of vases and scatter them around the room. Not only will they look festive, they'll infuse wonderful smells into your space, which will making turning in for the night feel like a special treat.

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    Your Open Shelving

    holiday decor in kitchen

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    If you're lucky enough to have open shelving in the kitchen, plenty of fun, seasonal styling opportunities await. Given how much time you'll be spending in the kitchen prepping festive dishes and baking for yet another cookie exchange, you'll want your space to feel extra fabulous. Simple yet impactful decor hacks include displaying a few trinkets—Christmas trees, reindeer, and the like—and setting out some tree clippings or pinecones. As a finishing touch, take some of your most festive dishware out of storage and showcase these pieces for once!

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    Your Coffee Bar

    coffee bar with christmas decor

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    Coffee bars making brewing your morning java feel more sophisticated, like you're in your very own private cafe. Why not give this space a little love in honor of the holiday season, too? Stock up on some wintry mugs, hang up a cutesy sign, and even set out candy canes to use as stirrers—'tis the season for peppermint flavored coffee, after all.