Formica Solid Surfacing

A Surprising Product from a "Laminate-Only" Company

Formica counter
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The first time I heard about Formica Solid Surfacing, I didn't believe it. I had to look it up.

But lo and behold, Formica, a company so famous for its laminate countertop surfaces that Formica has entered the lexicon as a generic term for laminates, does produce solid surfaces.

How does Formica Solid Surfacing differ from its flagship product?

Formica solid surfaces are more akin to Corian than to Formica laminate.

It is a resin-based product, with the same material running throughout from top to bottom. Formica is a thin laminated surface on top of particle board.

Does Formica Solid Surfacing require a particle board (or any other type) of backing?

No. Solid surfaces, in general, have enough structural stability to stand on their own; they need no backing.

What is the cost of Formica Solid Surfacing?

Formica sales literature states that the price of their Solid Surfacing material runs from $171.50 to 195.50 per square foot as of 2016. Keep in mind that this is the installed price. Solid Surfacing's price is higher than the laminate material, but this is true for the solid surface vs. laminate price comparison for any other brand, as well.

How does this price compare to Corian installed?

Comparable. Your choice more comes down to design choices rather than price decisions.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 10-year limited warranty for the product itself.

As for installation, that would depend on the installer.

What sizes does Formica's solid surface product come in?

The raw sheets are 30" x 145" and 36" x 145".

Do fabricators and installers prefer Corian over Formica, or vice-versa?

It doesn't matter. Both materials perform comparably.

Which to choose: Formica or Corian?

The debates rages on--or would rage, if more people knew about Formica Solid Surfacing.

Just as "Formica" is shorthand for laminate, "Corian" is shorthand for solid surface.

Sinks and basins, too?

Yes, to a limited degree. At last count, fifteen Formica solid surface basins and sinks were available.

Personally, which would you choose? Corian or Formica?

It's a close call, and I could be swayed in either direction. However, I have been following Corian for a number of years. While I like to be open to new products, I do have the feeling that Formica's heart isn't fully into its solid surface division.