Foster Care 101

Foster Care Information for Those Interested in Caring for Children in Need

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Foster Care Basics

The interest and desire to want to help children in foster care are admirable. Foster care comes with its rewards as well as its challenges. While each State of the U.S. or another country that offers foster care differs on basic guidelines and jargon, parenting the children seems to be the same, a child in need is a child in need.

Types of Foster Care

There are many different ways to serve as a foster parent. Here are a few of the different foster care options:

Preparation for Foster Care

In order to be an effective foster parent, it's important to remember to prepare all aspects of your life - from your home to your relationships.

Basic Foster Parenting Issues

Foster parents need to be aware of the different skills and challenges related to being a foster care provider.

Working as a Part of a Foster Care Team of Professionals

Foster parents have the responsibility of being part of a professional team working towards helping a foster child and his or her family reunify or transition into an adoptive family. This means foster parents will be working with social workers, teachers, doctors, therapists, and others.

Other Ways to Help Foster Children

Sometimes foster care is not a right fit for a family, other times it's just not for right now, meaning perhaps later in life foster care will work better around your schedule or family situation. But there are always other ways to help a foster child. Consider: