577 Free Baby Clip Art Images

Presents at baby shower party
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Use these free baby clip art images to help you personalize baby shower printables, invitations, and printable baby shower games, print out as decorations, or anything else you can dream up.

There are all sorts of fun baby shower clip art here including babies, storks, umbrellas, bottles, pacifiers, baby animals, and just about any other cute image you can think of.

To download the free baby shower clip art, simply click on the image until you can get it as large as you can and right-click it to save to your computer. You can then use it in a free word processor or free photo editing program.

You may also be interested in some star, heart, spring, and birthday clip art.

All this baby shower clip art is free for personal use. If you'd like to use it for more than that be sure to check the terms on the website you're downloading it from.

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    Webweaver's Free Baby Shower Clip Art

    Several baby clip art images from Webweaver


    Webweaver has three pages full of baby shower clip art, including both large and small images. Just click one to make it as big as it can get, and then right-click to save or copy it.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find baby shower backgrounds, borders, page dividers, and related clip art, all of which are categorized in their own sections.

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    Baby Shower Clip Art at Clker.com

    Screenshot of several baby clip art images from Clker


    There are a ton of cute baby shower clip art images here including babies, bottles, animals, strollers, umbrellas, and titles.

    Click on the baby shower image you'd like to download and use the correct link to save the image to your computer. For most images, you can download a small, medium, or large version of the clip art by choosing the corresponding button.

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    Free Baby Shower Clip Art at Free-Clipart-Pictures.net

    Several illustrations of babies


    Follow this link for a nice selection of unique baby shower clip art images that are free for you download.

    You'll find free baby shower clip art of babies, storks, bottles, pacifiers, and strollers.

    To get these images, just right-click them and choose to save them to your computer. You can also copy one of the images and then paste it somewhere else to use it there.

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    Sweet Clip Art's Baby Shower Clip Art

    Screenshot of baby clip art from Sweet Clip Art

    Sweet Clip Art

    You'll love the pastel colors of the free baby shower clip art over at Sweet Clip Art.

    Of all the images downloaded, each of them were super high quality, which means you can not only use them in really large projects, but you can even resize them down to fit a smaller one.

    There are baby bottles, baby boys, baby girls, sheep, pacifiers, chicks, elephants, mice, blocks, rabbits, caterpillars, and songbirds.

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    All Free Downloads' Free Baby Shower Clip Art

    Clip art of twelve baby faces


    Here you'll find 25+ free baby shower clip art images, some of which can be downloaded in small, medium, and large PNG files, making it really easy to get the size of the image that you need for your project.

    The baby shower clip art images here include fun images of babies, strollers, bottles, mothers, storks, and more.

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    Baby Shower Clip Art from Lee Hansen

    Screenshot of several baby related clip art images

    Lee Hansen Graphics

    Lee Hansen has always created some wonderful and unique clip art images, and he doesn't disappoint with this group of free baby shower clip art images.

    These clip art pictures include pregnant moms, baby angels, titles, rattle borders, babies, moons, and footprints.

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    Classroom Clipart's Free Baby Clip Art Images

    A big blue teddy bear
    Classroom Clipart

    Classroom Clipart has pages upon pages of free clip art that's perfect for a baby shower. There are lots of images of babies, moms, block, teddy bears, diapers, rattles, and more.

    To download, click on the thumbnail to get the largest size and download in your choice of PNG, GIF, or JPG.