9 Free Online Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitation

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These free baby shower evites look great, get all the details to the guests quickly, and let you easily collect RSVPs for the baby shower. There really isn't any easier way to do it or a more environmentally friendly way.

There are lots of different styles of baby shower evites here and there are some for boy showers, girl showers, and gender unknown showers. You'll be sure to find one that will look great with all your other baby shower plans.

It only takes minutes to customize and send off these free baby shower evites. Take a look and pick the one that the mom-to-be will love the most.

If you're wanting to go the traditional route, I also have some free printable baby shower invitations that you can send off in the mail.

There are more baby shower freebies including baby shower printables such as baby shower bingo cards, word searches, and word scrambles.

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    Floral and Stripes

    A green and white striped baby shower invitation with flowers.

    Two Branching Out/Pingg

    Watercolor stripes in green and white are the background for colorful flowers and purple text in this baby shower invitation that's all about celebrating mom.

    You can customize this evite with the name of the mom-to-be, date, time, and place of the party, RSVP details, and registry information.

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    ABC Baby Blocks from Punchbowl

    A card that spells out


    Here's a cute baby shower evite that would work for any gender of baby.

    It has colorful blocks that spell out "BABY" and room for the name of the new mom, date, time and location of the baby shower, and anything else you would like to add.

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    Baby Shower Flowers

    An orange and pink themed baby shower evite.

    Amanda Zoss/Pingg

    Amanda Zoss for Pingg has designed this beautiful baby shower evite with pink and orange text and matching flowers that cover a natural background.

    There's room for you to type in the honoree of the baby shower, the date and time, address, and mom's registry information.

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    Oh, Boy!

    A blue and orange mustache themed baby shower evite.

    Charming Ink/Pingg

    Here's the perfect baby shower evite for a boy. A blue chevron background is a perfect backdrop to blue and orange text that says "Oh, Boy!" with a big mustache.

    Add all your party details in one step with this baby shower invite, when you scroll down and add the event theme, name, host, date, and time, and location and address. There's also room for a customized message from the host.

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    Baby Carriage

    A green baby shower evite with a carriage on it.


    Here's another free baby shower evite from Punchbowl, this one features a baby carriage and cheerful dots asking the guests to come and celebrate.

    This baby shower evite is available in yellow, green, purple, and pink which you gives you lots of different options.

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    Shower Power

    A blue and yellow baby shower invite.


    This free online baby shower invitation is blue for a boy baby shower but there is also a pink one in a similar design.

    Since this online baby shower invitation is sent through Pingg, you can gather RSVP's using their free service.

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    Green Animals

    A baby shower evite with zoo animals.

    Migi and Momologie/Pingg

    The cutest little elephant, giraffe, and lion are on the front of this free online baby shower invitation. This is a great gender-neutral online invite that goes with just about any baby shower theme, but especially one with animals.

    Just add your title and shower details before sending and you're all set.

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    Family Tree

    A yellow baby shower evite with a hand drawn tree.

    The Co.Co. Studio/Pingg

    The Co.Co. Studio has designed this lovely gender neutral baby shower evite that features a beautiful hand-drawn tree with mom's name.

    You can customize this baby shower evite with all the shower details including registry information and even collect your RSVP's through Pingg. What an easy way to plan!

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    Mod Rattles

    A pink, green, and yellow baby shower evite for a girl.

    Megan Hain/Pingg

    Modern meets retro in this fun online baby shower invitation by The Stationery Tote.

    You can customize this with the mom's name and all the party details before emailing it off to your guests.