Free Baby Shower Word Search Puzzles

A pink and beige baby shower word search
The Little Umbrella

Baby showers just aren't baby showers without all the fun games that go with them. These baby shower word search puzzles are a great addition to the baby shower you're hosting. The baby shower word searches below are all free and can be easily printed in just a few minutes. No need to spend money on this part of the baby shower because you can get these for free along with some other free printable baby shower games and other free baby shower printables.

Baby Shower Word Search Puzzles

Visit each of the links below to view the free baby shower word search puzzles. Follow the directions for each puzzle to get the best looking printable.

  • Striped Baby Shower Word Search - This baby shower word search comes in the choice of two color combinations.
  • Baby Word Search - This is a huge baby shower word search puzzle that will be quite the challenge for your guests.
  • Woodland Animal Baby Shower Word Search - Here's a baby shower word search puzzle that would be great for a woodland animal themed baby shower. There are also free printables that match for bingo, word scramble, proverbs, baby animal names, baby songs, and pin the tail on the fox.
  • Peter Rabbit Word Search - Here's a word search puzzle based on Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit. You'll be searching for words like cabbage, Peter, garden, and more.
  • Sports Baby Shower Word Search - If you're having a sports themed baby shower, this word search puzzle will have your guests hunting for words like basketball, bicycle, bowling, and surfboard.
  • Baby Shower Word Search - Print out this baby shower word search in blue, pink, green, or brown.
  • Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Word Search - Here's a puzzle based on Winnie the Pooh! You'll also find more free printables for your baby shower here including a maze and quiz.
  • Baby Shower Word Search - This word search puzzle is a little different. The only word you have to find is the word "baby" and it's hidden 3 times in the puzzle. The first guest to find all three words is the winner.
  • Jungle Baby Animal Word Search Game - Give your guests 5 minutes to see if they can find all 13 words in this free baby word find puzzle.
  • Dr. Suess Word Search - If you're having a Dr. Suess themed baby shower, you'll want to print out this Dr. Suess themed word search.