10 Free Bar Stool Plans

Wooden bar stools at a kitchen island

R Architecture / Unsplash

If you need some tall seating in your home, consider using one of these free bar stool plans to build your own. You can use them in your kitchen at your island or counter, at your desk in your work area, at a home bar, or even in your craft room or workshop.

This is a perfect project for a confident beginner woodworker. There aren't a lot of materials and supplies you need and it's a forgiving project as long as you measure correctly. Building a bar stool is also a great way to save money. You can usually build a great looking stool for much less than you can buy one.

There are DIY bar stool plans here for both counter-height (23-28 inches) and bar-height (29-32 inches) and a few sizes in between.

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    DIY Bar Stools

    Two bar stools in a kitchen

    Bitterroot DIY 

    These DIY bar stools are the perfect height to go along with a standard bar height counter, making it the perfect choice for a kitchen island. The design is a twist on a standard bar stool, with rectangle seats and clean lines. They would go great in any style of home all the way from farmhouse to contemporary.

    DIY Bar Stools from Bitterroot DIY

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    Basic Bar Stools

    A wooden bar stool on a sidewalk

    Bitterroot DIY 

    Here's a free bar stool plan that builds a traditional bar stool with a round seat and two levels of footrests. The finished chair is 33-inches tall, making it a great pick for going under a countertop. This free plan is extremely detailed, giving lots of information on what you need before you get started, the cuts you need to make, assembly, and finishing.

    Basic Bar Stools from Bitterroot DIY

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    $15 Bar Stool

    A wooden bar stool in a kitchen

    The DIY Plan

    Believe it or not, his beautiful DIY bar stool will cost you just $15 to make. The plan will take you through each step of making the bar stool from cutting the lumber to the final assembly. The plan gives details on how to change the top of the barstool if you'd like a different style that goes along better with your home.

    $15 Bar Stool from The DIY Plan

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    Industrial Bar Stool

    A bar stool made out of metal and wood

    Yoga by Candace 

    Here's another unique DIY bar stool that might be perfect for you if you're into the industrial-chic style. Besides the wooden seat, the rest of the stool is made up of metal pipes. The materials cost more than lumber but you can't beat the unique look you get when you're finished.

    Industrial Bar Stool from Yoga by Candace

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    How to Make a Bar Stool

    A bar stool in a garage

    The Mr. Lentz Shop 

    This bar stool DIY project is broken down into three parts, making it a great project to work on a little bit each day. It's a great looking stool that has crossbars and a square wooden seat. It takes some precise measuring, making it a great project for a confident beginner or someone more experienced with making lumber cuts.

    How to Make a Bar Stool from The Mr. Lentz Shop

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    Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

    A blue wood and metal bar stool


    This bar stool plan is for bar stools that are 24-inches high, although you could add more length to the leg pieces if you need them taller. Metal bars serve as an accent and footrest, giving them a little bit of style and a lot of function.

    Bar Stools with Metal Bar Accents from Remodelaholic

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    Chunky Bar Stool

    Two chunky wooden bar stools

    More Like Home 

    Sometimes more is more and this DIY bar stool is a great example of that. Made out entirely of 2x4s, these bar stools are heavy and chunky. Besides being super sturdy, they also have a back to them, making them very comfortable.

    Chunky Bar Stool from More Like Home

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    Upholstered Bar Stool Bench

    A double bar stool

    Houseful of Handmade 

    How about a bar stool for two? You can build one yourself with this free bar stool bench plan. The seat is plenty big for two people and has a nice cushioned top that makes it a great place for your family to sit down and relax. It's a surprisingly quick project that will just take you a day or two to complete. This project is best for the confident beginner.

    Upholstered Bar Stool Bench from Houseful of Handmade

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    Square Bar Stool

    A wooden bar stool

    The DIY Plan 

    Here's a lower bar stool that still makes an impact with its chunky legs and square seat. A footrest on all four sides is also included, so you still have the comfort of having somewhere to put your feet. It's a fairly simple plan, so you can build a few over a weekend. This is a great project for a beginner.

    Square Bar Stool from The DIY Plan

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    Half Lap Bar Stool

    Two bar stools in a kitchen

    Jay's Custom Creations 

    This DIY bar stool plan makes two bar stools out of 2x4s. They come in at 24-inches tall when finished. Because they use 2x4s, which are fairly inexpensive, this is the perfect budget project for the beginner woodworker. When you're done, you're going to have two bar stools that will fit perfectly in any space in your home.

    Half Lap Bar Stool from Jay's Custom Creations