15 Free Bathroom Floor Plans

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    Bathroom Floor Plans You Can Use

    Bathroom design options
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    You lay out plans for your whole-house remodel, why not for the bathroom, too?

    Yet bathroom remodels often escape the lay-it-out-on-paper stage.  Homeowners engage in mental planning, on the theory that bathrooms are so small and have so few services that physical plans are pointless.

    If anything, bathrooms' tight spaces call out for rigorous planning.  A bathtub placed too close to the toilet or a sink cabinet without adequate buffering spells disaster for these tiny areas.

    The following bathroom plans range from a minuscule 18 square foot half-bathroom to full bathrooms approaching 100 square feet.  Use them for your own remodel.

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    Basic, Small 40 Sq. Ft. Full Bathroom Plan

    Small Bathroom Layout Plan
    Small Bathroom Layout Plan. © Lee Wallender

    Small and smart are the names of the game in this bathroom plan. What more do you need than 40 square feet (about 4.5 square meters) of a toilet, tub, and sink?

    As tiny as it is, it works as an efficient main bathroom for a small house or a guest bathroom for a large house.


    • Length:  8 feet / 263 cm
    • Width:  5.9 feet / 180 cm
    • Area:  48 sq. ft. / 4.46 sq. meters


    • Small, ergonomically efficient bathroom.
    • Sconce lights on either side of sink.
    • Lower plumbing and electrical costs.  The sink, toilet, and bathtub all have water supply/drains along one wall. This keeps core functions within the same area, reducing plumbing costs.
    • Uses pedestal sink to maximize room.
    • Open wall to the right of the door can accommodate a small cabinet for towels, etc.
    • Great for guests or second bathroom.
    • Bathtub or bath/shower stall can be installed.
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    The 61.5 Square Foot, Slightly Larger Bathroom Plan

    Bathroom with Larger Shower
    Bathroom with Larger Shower. © Lee Wallender

    Give yourself a little extra room beyond the previous bathroom plan, and what do you get? You get a lot more options. Here, the bathroom designer decided to go for a double-sink in a solid-surface counter; a large shower; generous floor-to-ceiling cabinet; and, best of all, a private little nook for the toilet.

    Note that, instead of loading up this plan with more features, the designer has given the homeowners more room and smarter spacing of the bathroom features. Features of this bathroom plan:


    • Length:  8.2 feet / 250 cm
    • Width:  7.5 feet / 230 cm
    • Area:  61.5 sq. ft. / 5.7 sq. meters


    • Medium size - good for a master bathroom.
    • Spacious and airy-feeling.
    • Accommodates a larger-sized shower, if desired.
    • Double sinks or one sink plus an extra counter.
    • A second, optional door between toilet area and shower/sink area will give you, even more, privacy.
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    80 Square Foot Bathroom Plan With Tub and Shower

    Bathroom With Shower and Bathtub
    Bathroom With Shower and Bathtub. © Lee Wallender

    If you've got the budget, this is a great bathroom plan with a lot of flexibility. Now, you've got both a shower stall and a bathtub--for those busy mornings when two need to bathe at once, perhaps? The corner shower stall maximizes space. By "lopping off the corner" of the shower stall, it becomes possible to navigate in this back anteroom. Features of this bathroom plan:


    • Length:  8.2 feet / 250 cm
    • Width:  9.8 feet / 300 cm
    • Area:  80.3 sq. ft. / 7.5 sq. meters


    • Great size for a master bathroom.
    • Two ways to bathe--shower or tub.
    • Large cabinet for towels, etc. in a front room, away from shower/bath moisture.
    • Privacy for the toilet.
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    Easy 18 Square Foot Half Bathroom for Guests

    Simple Guest Bathroom Layout Plan
    Simple Guest Bathroom. © Lee Wallender

    This bathroom plan isn't much more than a toilet and a sink. For downstairs guests, you'll probably want to install a powder room, guest bathroom, half bath--all different names for the same thing.

    Features of this bathroom plan:

    • 4 1/2 feet by 4 feet (18 square feet).
    • Guest bathroom for hand-washing and toilet duties only.
    • Pedestal sink makes the best use of limited space.
    • Be careful of the door swing. You don't want the door to swing into the sink and/or toilet.
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    Basic, Functional 3/4 Bathroom Plans

    Three-Quarters (3/4) Bathroom Plans
    Three-Quarters (3/4) Bathroom Plans. © Lee Wallender

    The 3/4 bathroom is a tough fit, squeezing a toilet, sink, and shower or tub into a fairly small space.

    Available space is roughly 8 feet by 5 1/2 feet (7.8 feet by 5.6 feet, to be exact), and the mission here is to push all of those items into this small space.

    Features of this plan:

    • Economical use of space.
    • Prevents toilet from facing the doorway.
    • Ample room for doorway swing.
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    Great Bathroom Plan for a Bump-Out Window Area

    Bathroom Plans for Bumping Out Window Area
    Bathroom Plans for a Bump-Out Window Area. © Lee Wallender

    If you're fortunate enough to have a bump-out area, this layout is for you.

    Insert your whirlpool or another oversized bathtub in the window area, tile up to the windows, and enjoy the light and view.

    • Generous space for the tub. This is a "bathtub room."
    • Downside: towel bars located away from the tub. One suggestion is to switch the toilet paper holder with one of the towel bars.
    • Locate sink on 35" vanity. Or install 48" vanity and run counter from wall to wall.
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    Bathroom Plans to Eliminate "Space Invaders"

    64 Square Foot Bathroom Plans
    64 Square Foot Bathroom Plans. © Lee Wallender

    Sometimes, not all bathroom space is perfectly square or rectangular. An HVAC/furnace area, coat closet, or even structural beams may invade part of the bathroom space. This 64 square foot bathroom makes allowance for these "space invaders."

    Features of this bathroom plan:

    • Off-set sink.
    • Generous room for the tub.
    • Allows for HVAC, coat closet, or other exterior space.
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    Extra Private Area For This Toilet Area

    Bathroom Plan for Private Area and Soaking Tub
    Private Toilet Area Behind Pocket Door. © Lee Wallender

    Sometimes you just need some privacy in your bathroom.  In response, these plans feature a pocket door affording privacy for the toilet area.

    Did you know that a conventional swinging door can waste up to 9 square feet of room? By making allowance for the "swing," you waste up to 3 ft. x 3 ft. of a room. Adding a pocket door takes back that room. Features of this bathroom plan:

    • Double sink.
    • Generous room for the toilet area.
    • Pocket door adds room.
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    A Three-Quarters Bathroom Plan with Storage Room

    Plans for Bathroom Layout with Storage Area
    Three-Quarters Bathroom Plan with Storage Room. © Lee Wallender

    Can you cram a toilet, tub, double sink, and floor-to-ceiling cabinet is such a small space? Sure you can. One drawback is the door-swing. It will either conflict with the cabinet or the sink. Features of this bathroom plan:

    • Space for a cabinet.
    • Plenty of room for a double sink.
    • One issue to consider: the door will swing straight into cabinet.
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    Full Bathroom Plans, Lots of Floor Space

    Plans for Large Bathroom
    Full Bathroom Plans, Lots of Floor Space. © Lee Wallender

    Here are plans for a bathroom that give you lots of floor room. Features of this bathroom plan:

    • Tons of floor space.
    • Full bathroom: bathtub and shower.
    • Extra-wide bathroom counter, double sink.
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    Plans For a Long, Narrow Bathroom

    Bathroom Plans for Long, Narrow Bathroom
    Bathroom Plans for Long, Narrow Bathroom. © Lee Wallender

    What can you do with the long and narrow bathroom?  One idea is to "cap" one end of the bathroom with a custom tiled shower:

    • Dimensions: 5' x 15'.
    • Custom-built tile shower at the end to accommodate and maximize usage of five-foot width of room.
    • Door likely will have to be directly in front of the commode. Not the best feng shui, but you might learn to live with it.
    • Chief feature is the very long counter this type of bathroom space affords. You'll be able to fit in two basins easily.
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    A Fanciful, Simple Bathroom Plan for Kids' Bathroom

    Plans For Childrens' Bathroom
    © Lee Wallender

    A bathroom of great fancy, featuring a rich oceanic-blue paint scheme. Features of this plan:

    • Engineered wood flooring to hold up better in moist environments.
    • Clawfoot bathtub.
    • Valspar's Ultra Premium Ocean Sigh 5002 10A.
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    Bathroom Plans With Shower and Tub

    Plans for Bathroom with Separate Shower and Tub
    © Lee Wallender


    • 12' x 8' = 96 square feet.
    • Claw-foot tub and walk-in, custom-tiled shower.
    • Paints from Valspar: Precious Peony and Sailcloth.
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    Shower With...Door Leading To the Outside?

    Small Bathroom Layout Separate Entrance
    © Lee Wallender

    Yes, it is a most unusual shower design. A large, frameless glass shower with an exterior door. Why not?


    • 6' x 12' = 72 square feet
    • "Pass-through" shower with exterior door leading to the courtyard.
    • Kohler Chord® Wading Pool® lavatory
    • Purist® wall-mount vanity - K-3081
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    A Hideaway Tub Bathroom Plan

    Plan for Bathroom with Alcove Bathtub
    © Lee Wallender

    Features of this bathroom plan:

    • Refreshing, relaxing lavender paint color scheme.
    • American Standard Cadet 3 toilet.
    • Cozy, custom-built nook for the American Standard Acrylux Shower/Tub.