15 Free Bathroom Floor Plans You Can Use

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    Bathroom Floor Plans You Can Use

    Bathroom design options
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    Most people sketch out floor plans for a whole-house remodel, why not for the bathroom, too? Yet for some reason, bathroom remodels often escape the lay-it-out-on-paper stage. Homeowners seem prone to engaging in mental planning only, perhaps on the theory that bathrooms are so small and have so few services that physical plans are pointless.

    In reality, the tight space of a bathroom calls for even more rigorous planning than you normally practice. For example, a bathtub placed too close to the toilet or a sink cabinet without adequate buffering spells disaster for this tiny area. Careful paper planning can help you anticipate these problems while you can still adjust. 

    The following bathroom plans range from a minuscule 18 square foot half-bathroom to full bathrooms exceeding 100 square feet. You may be able to use them as is, or use them as the basis for creating your own plans based on your unique circumstances. 

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    Small, Full Bathroom

    Small Bathroom Layout Plan
    © Lee Wallender

    Small and smart are the names of the game in this bathroom plan, which effectively fits in a toilet, tub, and sink—all in a mere 48 square feet. As tiny as it is, this bathroom is perfectly sufficient as a full main bathroom for a small house, or as a guest bathroom for a larger house.


    • Length:  96 inches  (263 cm)
    • Width:  72 inches  (183 cm)
    • Area: 48 square feet (4.5 square meters)


    • Sconce lights are located on either side of the sink.
    • Lower plumbing and electrical costs are achieved by confining the water and drain lines and electrical lines along one wall. 
    • The use of a pedestal sink without a vanity maximizes available space.
    • Open wall to the right of the door can accommodate a small cabinet for towels, etc.
    • The room includes space for a bathtub or shower stall. 
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    A 61-Square-Foot Full Bathroom

    Bathroom with Larger Shower
    © Lee Wallender

    Give yourself a little more floor space, and what do you get? You get a lot more options. Here, the bathroom designer decided to go for a double-sink in a solid-surface counter, a large shower, and a generous floor-to-ceiling cabinet, yet still manages to create a private corner for the toilet. Instead of loading up the plan with more features, the designer has chosen to provide the homeowners with more space through smarter spacing of the basic features. Features of this bathroom plan:


    • Length: 98 inches (249 cm)
    • Width: 90 inches (229 cm)
    • Area: 61.25 square feet (5.7 square meters)


    • A spacious and airy-feeling is created through effective spacing of basic features. 
    • Careful planning provides space to accommodate a larger-sized shower, if desired.
    • A large vanity could be used for double sinks or one sink plus an extra-long countertop.
    • The room could accommodate a partition wall and door to confine the toilet area for privacy. 
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    80-Square-Foot Bathroom With Tub and Shower

    Bathroom With Shower and Bathtub
    © Lee Wallender

    If you've got the budget, this is a great bathroom plan with a lot of flexibility. Now, you've got both a shower stall and a bathtub—for those busy mornings when two need to bathe at once, perhaps? The corner shower stall with lopped-off corners maximizes space and allows for easy navigation of the space. Features of this bathroom plan:


    • Length: 98 inches  (249 cm)
    • Width: 118 inches  (300 cm)
    • Area: 80.3 square feet (7.5 square meters)


    • A true master bath is created in a limited space. 
    • The room offers two ways to bathe—shower or tub.
    • A large cabinet for towels, etc. could be located in the front space, away from shower/bath moisture.
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    18-Square-Foot Half Bath

    Simple Guest Bathroom Layout Plan
    © Lee Wallender

    This bathroom plan isn't much more than a toilet and a sink, suitable for hand-washing and toilet duties only. This is an ideal half-bath for short-term guests who are not spending the night. Such a small bathroom is knowns as a powder room, guest bathroom, or half bath—all different names for the same thing. Features include: 


    • Length: 52 inches (132 cm)
    • Width: 48 inches (122 cm)
    • Area: 18 square feet (1.7 square meters)


    • A pedestal sink makes the best use of limited space.
    • Plumbing fixtures confined to one wall makes for simple plumbing work. 
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    Basic 3/4 Bathroom

    Three-Quarters (3/4) Bathroom Plans
    © Lee Wallender

    This rectangular room makes for a tight fit, but manages to squeeze in a toilet, sink, and shower into a fairly small space (43 square feet). It could even fit a bathtub, although the designer here opted for more space by using a shower, which has a smaller footprint. Rectangular rooms often call for plumbing fixtures to be installed on opposite walls in order to fit them all in. The bathroom includes: 


    • Length: 94 inches (239 cm)
    • Width: 68 inches (168 cm)
    • Area: 43 square feet (4 square meters)


    • Careful arrangement prevents the toilet from facing the doorway. 
    • Layout provides ample space for the door to swing. 
    • Use of shower rather than tub retains enough space for a cabinet.
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    Bathroom With Bump-Out Alcove for Tub

    Bathroom Plans for Bumping Out Window Area
    © Lee Wallender

    If you're fortunate enough to have a bump-out area—or if constructing one is possible—this layout is for you. Install a whirlpool or another oversized bathtub in the window alcove area, tile the walls up to the bottom of the windows, and enjoy the light and view as you bathe. Such a space is not without some awkwardness. For example, the towel bars are located at some distance from the tub. A possible solution: relocated the toilet paper holder and use the space for a towel bar, instead. This bathroom includes: 


    • Length (main room): 132 inches (335 cm)
    • Width (main room): 60 inches (152 cm)
    • Length: (tub alcove): 72 inches (183 cm)
    • Width: (tub alcove): 48 inches(122 cm)
    • Area (main room): 55 square feet (5.1 square meters)
    • Area (tub alcove): 24 square feet (2.2 square meters)
    • Area (total): 79 square feet (7.3 square meters)



    • This bathroom features a generous space for the bathtub as the focus of the room.
    • Clever layout allows an awkwardly shaped space to become a unique bathroom haven. ​
    • The space could accommodate a long, wall-to-wall vanity with double sinks.
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    Bathroom for an Awkward Room Shape

    64 Square Foot Bathroom Plans
    © Lee Wallender

    Sometimes the available space is not perfectly rectangular. An HVAC/furnace area, coat closet, or even structural beams may invade part of the bathroom space. This 64-square-foot  is an example of how to tuck all the features needed for a full bathroom into spaces that are available. This bathroom includes: 


    • Length: 96 inches (263 cm)
    • Width: 96  inches (263 cm)
    • Area: 64 square feet (5.9 square meters)


    • An off-set vanity sink makes efficient use of a long, narrow available space. 
    • The bathing space is isolated from the toilet with an alcove wall. 
    • Space behind entry door can be used for utilities, a coat closet, or other storage.
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    Isolated Privacy for Toilet

    Bathroom Plan for Private Area and Soaking Tub
    © Lee Wallender

    In a home where the bathroom must be used by more than one person at the same time, a walled-in privacy space for the toilet can greatly improve the usefulness of the bathroom. Here, partition walls and a space-saving pocket door create such a toilet alcove.

    • A conventional door can waste up to 9 square feet (3 feet x 3 feet) of space necessary for the door to swing. Using a pocket door instead reclaims that space. 


    • A long vanity and countertop make a double sink possible. 
    • Layout includes generous private space for the toilet.
    • Use of a pocket door maximizes available space.
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    A 3/4 Bathroom Plan With Storage Room

    Plans for Bathroom Layout with Storage Area
    © Lee Wallender

    Can you fit a toilet, tub, double sink, and floor-to-ceiling cabinet is such a small space? Sure you can, as this 67-square-foot bathroom shows. Note how privacy walls isolate the bathtub and toilet areas. One limitation of this layout is that the entry door will swing into the cabinet—but compromises sometimes need to be made in order to include the features you want. 


    • Length: 100 inches (254 cm)
    • Width: 96 inches (244 cm)
    • Area: 67 square feet (6.2 square meters)


    • Careful layout allows space for a storage cabinet.
    • Room allows space for a double sink. 
    • Bathtub and toilet receive privacy thanks to inner partition walls. 
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    Full Bathroom With Open Floor Space

    Plans for Large Bathroom
    © Lee Wallender

    The best of all worlds is a large bathroom space with relatively square dimensions. Here, it becomes possible to retain lots of open floor space by arranging the fixtures on opposite walls, and using a shower rather than a full bathtub. 


    • Length: 114 inches (290 cm)
    • Width: 108 inches (274 cm)
    • Area: 85.5 square feet (7.9 square meters)


    • Layout offers considerable open floor space.
    • Space includes all features, including both bathtub and shower. 
    • And extra-wide vanity with double sink is included.
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    Long, Narrow Bathroom

    Bathroom Plans for Long, Narrow Bathroom
    © Lee Wallender

    What can you do with the long and narrow bathroom?  One idea is to "cap" one end of the bathroom with a custom tiled shower. This effectively shortens the length of the room and makes it easier to integrate the remaining features. This floor could work with a door almost anywhere along the open long wall. Ideally, you would want to avoid placing the toilet directly in front of the door (bad feng shui), unless absolutely necessary. 


    • Length: 120 inches (304 cm)
    • Width: 60 inches (152 cm)
    • Area: 60 square feet (5.6 square meters)


    • Custom-built tile shower at the end accommodates and maximizes usage of the 5-foot width of the room.
    • Shape of room makes a very long vanity and countertop possible. Two sink basins are easily accommodated, or a single sink basin and very long countertop.
    • Layout could be adapted to feature a shorter vanity integrated with a tall linen cabinet. 
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    Fanciful, Simple Bathroom for Kids

    Plans For Childrens' Bathroom
    © Lee Wallender

    This large square bathroom features a large clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, with lots of floor space for wrangling kids through their bathing. A bathroom of great fancy, featuring a rich oceanic-blue paint scheme.


    • Length: 144 inches (366 cm
    • Width: 144 inches (366 cm)
    • Area: 144 square feet (13.4 square meters)


    • Luxury vinyl flooring is used to hold up better in moist environments.
    • Clawfoot bathtub makes for great bath time fun for kids. 
    • Wall color is Valspar's Ultra Premium Ocean Sigh 5002 10A.


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    Bathroom Plans With Shower and Tub

    Plans for Bathroom with Separate Shower and Tub
    © Lee Wallender

    Here is another bathroom plan that uses the end of a narrow room for a custom tile shower. A clawfoot tub and small vanity leave flexibility for the position of the toilet: It could be tucked in between the end of the bathtub and the shower wall, or positioned to the side of the vanity and sink. 


    • Length: 144 inches (366 cm)
    • Width: 96 inches (244 cm)
    • Area: 96 square feet (8.9 square meters)


    • The room features both a claw-foot tub and walk-in, custom-tiled shower.
    • Paint colors are from Valspar: Precious Peony and Sailcloth.
    • Layout provides flexibility in positioning of the toilet. 


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    Unusual Shower With Exit to Outdoors

    Small Bathroom Layout Separate Entrance
    © Lee Wallender

    Not many homes could accommodate this bathroom floor plan (or would want to), but for the right circumstance with enough landscape privacy, this bathroom would be truly unique. This bathroom features a large frameless glass shower with an exterior door leading onto a deck. Features of this bathroom include:


    • Length: 144 inches (366 cm)
    • Width: 72 inches (183 cm)
    • Area:  72 square feet (6.7 square meters)


    • The room features a "pass-through" shower with exterior door leading to the courtyard.
    • Toilet is the Kohler Chord® Wading Pool® lavatory
    • Vessel sink is the Purist® wall-mount vanity - K-3081
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    Bathroom With Alcove Tub and Surround

    Plan for Bathroom with Alcove Bathtub
    © Lee Wallender

    A great many bathrooms can make use of an alcove design in which the bathtub/shower is recessed into a framed alcove, with the three alcove walls covered with surround panels. An advantage of such a layout is that the room retains a lot of open floor space, ideal for family bathrooms. 


    • Length: 144 inches (366 cm)
    • Width: 90 inches (229 cm)
    • Area: 90 square feet (8.4 square meters)


    • Alcove tub makes for a wide-open floor area.
    • Bathtub in alcove is the American Standard Acrylux Shower/Tub
    • Long wall adjacent to door could accommodate a linen cabinet or other storage.