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Great Looking Online Birthday Invitations You Can Send for Free

Cake in the face for your Birthday!
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These free online birthday invitations make it super easy for you to send them and even easier for your guests to receive them. You'll save money on the printed invitations and the stamps and also help save the environment one party invite at a time.

The free birthday invitations below can all be customized with your party details and then your guests will have a chance to RSVP to you online making it so simple to plan your birthday party.

If you'd rather, here's a list of free, printable birthday invitations that you can print and mail. Of course, you don't want to forget to send a free birthday ecard or free, printable birthday card to the guest of honor - just one of the many birthday freebies you can get.

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    Balloon Pops

    Paperless post invitation

    Paperless Post

    This free online birthday party invitation by Paperless Post, lets you customize it with a photo and the party details, both of which fit into a balloon.

    This is a fun card that can really be used for children and adults alike. You can even send the invite in its own virtual envelope and have your guests RSVP on a virtual RSVP card.

    Balloon Pops from Paperless Post

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    Birthday Party!

    A birthday cupcake on a blue background.


    This is a great free birthday invitation that's simple and modern and your guests will be sure to love it.

    Use Evite to invite all your guests and have them RSVP to you easily online.

    Birthday Party! from Evite

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    Chocolate Cake by Evite

    Evite birthday party invite


    This free birthday invitation from Evite features a scrumptious looking chocolate cake.

    Although this free birthday invitation could work for almost anyone, I think a woman would really appreciate this card.

    Chocolate Cake from Evite

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    Shhh! It's a Surprise by Evite

    An online birthday invitation in green, blue, and red.


    Another free surprise birthday invitation that will send the message loud and clear not to tell the birthday boy or girl.

    Customize this free birthday invitation with all your party details before sending it off.

    Shhh! It's a Surprise from Evite