Free Bookmark Cross Stitch Patterns from Various Cross Stitch Websites

Create a Personalized Gift for a Friend or Family Member

There is nothing better than actually holding a book in your hand while you read. Digital books are great but you miss the "book: scent and the feel of the pages. Real bibliophiles know that you never ever turn down the page of a book to hold your place. You always use a bookmark! Below is a small sampling of fun free bookmark cross stitch patterns from around the internet. Remember to be respectful of the person who created the pattern and follow their copyright requests. 

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    Bev Qualheim designed this simple bookmark that makes a powerful statement of faith.This is a great pattern to give as a gift for a bible study group. Why not give this bookmark along with a book of faith to someone who inspires you. While this is a free pattern, remember to respect the copyright laws of the person who designed the pattern.

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    Instead of a bookworm, Bev Qualheim has created a little ladybug "book bug" design. This is a fun pattern that would make a great addition to a gardening book or journal. Teach your little ones about the outdoors with a bug book and book bug bookmark. This is also a great bookmark to give a biology teacher or  scientist. 

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    Blackwork is so beautiful and intricate. It is a very old style of needlework that dates back to the medieval age. Pair this bookmark a book on blackwork or other needlework or your favorite history book. Click on the link under "Free Cross Stitch" (on the left). Check out the blackwork section for more bookmarks. You can also use these patterns for beautiful small projects to hang on the wall. You don't have to stick to black floss, try different colors to mix it up. 

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    Bev Qualheim's inspirational bookmark pattern would be perfect for an Easter gift. This bookmark would be a great addition to an Easter Basket or bunny book. Make these bookmarks as rewards for Sunday school lessons. 

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    Bev Qualheim's inspirational bookmark pattern would be a wonderful gift for your favorite Sunday School teacher or student. This is also a great gift for a pastor or other member of the clergy. Make several bookmarks to give away to singers in the choir or to aldermen..

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    Stitch up a pumpkin-themed bookmark for a special trick-or-treater. Yet another great bookmark design from Bev Qualheim. If you have extra time, make up a bunch for party favors or give out to trick or treaters instead of candy. It can also be a prize for games played at parties.Your favorite goth would love this bookmark paired with the works of Edgar Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft.  

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    Sandy Riggs' inspirational rainbow bookmark combines back stitch and cross stitch to create a unique design.This pattern is fun and whimsical. It would go great with the book, The Wizard of Oz. Share your love of fairy tales and rainbows with this fun pattern. It is also a great pattern to learn different stitches. 

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    Do you have a favorite teacher? Why not shower them with love with this bookmark and give them a nice cookbook,book of poetry or a journal. If you are stumped as to what to give your child's teacher, this bookmark is the thing. Teach your little one to stitch and make it even more special. Stitch a special gift for a teacher with this free design from Bev's Country Cottage.

Pair these fun bookmark a favorite book or journal. A fun idea is to give a cross stitch book and the materials to make a bookmark as a present. Teach a craft! These bookmark Cross Stitch patterns are provided free by various Cross Stitch websites. If you have a question about the pattern, contact the person in charge of the website. Remember that the patterns may be copyright protected, so please respect the terms of use for the free Cross Stitch patterns.