Free Christmas Patterns

This collection of free Christmas patterns are perfect not only for making holiday scrapbook page embellishments but also for making decorations for Christmas cards, holiday party invitations, festive banners, or even home décor. To save each of the patterns below to your computer, right-click on the images and select "save as." Please remember that each pattern is for personal use only. To share these patterns with friends and family, share a link to this page or Pin the images with...MORE links to this page.​

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    Christmas Bulb Pattern

    Free Christmas Light Bulb Pattern for Scrapbooking and Card Making. Rebecca Ludens

    String this simple Christmas bulb pattern on some green florist wire for a realistic vintage light string look. This is one of the most simple winter paper piecing patterns and therefore you can make many of them in literally minutes. Use them to decorate both scrapbook pages and greeting cards this holiday season.

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    Poinsettia Pattern

    Poinsettia Pattern. Rebecca Ludens

    Christmas flower patterns add a bright spot of color to any scrapbook page or greeting card. This poinsettia pattern is a perennial favorite here on Scrapbooking. Make extra poinsettias to decorate a Christmas home décor garland or front door wreath. Spray the finished poinsettias with gold glitter or try using other colors of cardstock to make the flowers such as pink, yellow, or gold. You can see the sample poinsettia flower here.

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    Santa's Sleigh Silhouette Pattern

    Santa's Sleigh Pattern. Rebecca Ludens

    Santa's sleigh silhouette pattern is a simple outline drawing of the classic Christmas figure with his toy pack and sleigh. The sleigh and reindeer below both take a few minutes to cut out since they are slightly more detailed than other patterns on this list, however that detail is one of the things that makes them that much more special. You can see the completed sample here.

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    Reindeer Pattern

    Reindeer Pattern. Rebecca Ludens

    Of course, Santa also needs his reindeer. This silhouette of a reindeer can be used alone, with Santa's Sleigh above, or in a grouping or more deer. Add a tiny red circle punch to this guy's nose to make him a very famous reindeer.

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    More Ornament Bulbs Patterns

    Christmas Ornament Patterns. Rebecca Ludens

    This pair of ornament bulbs allows you to make different shapes of ornaments with different patterned papers and cardstocks.

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    Winter Holly Pattern and Berries Pattern

    Winter Holly Pattern. Rebecca Ludens

    Cut the holly leaves from dark green cardstock and the berries from a nice bright red to add color to your scrapbook pages and greeting cards. Repeating these holly leaves and berries around the edge of a scrapbook page makes a terrific holiday-themed border. You can also make a wreath by using these shapes in a repeating circle. See the sample in the Winter Paper Piecing Patterns gallery.

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    Snow Covered Pine Tree

    Snow Covered Pine Tree. Rebecca Ludens

    A Christmas tree or snowy pine tree is a classic embellishment for not only Christmas scrapbook pages but also winter-themed layouts. To see the sample for this pattern and get ideas for other winter themed scrapbook page embellishments, be sure to read the article Winter Paper Piecing Patterns. Although this pattern has seven separate pieces, each of them is easy to cut out and it can actually be completed in just a few minutes. Make it extra-large size to use as a scrapbook page background....MORE Make it even larger and use it for a Christmas count-down calendar by adding a numbered paper ornament each day for 25 days.

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    More Ornament Shapes

    Free Christmas Tree Ornaments Patterns for Scrapbooking and Card Making. Rebecca Ludens

    This larger set of ornament patterns give you even more options as you create scrapbook pages and Christmas cards. Make the tops for the ornaments out of metallic cardstock for a realistic touch. In the article, DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Scrapbook Page Idea, you will see ideas for turning these patterns into unique scrapbook page embellishments that perfectly coordinate with your holiday photos. You can also use these patterns to make actual Christmas tree ornaments or even make a garland of...MORE ornaments to use as holiday home décor.