4 Free Christmas Snowflake Needlepoint Patterns

Put These 4 Needlepoint Snowflakes on Your Christmas Gift List

Take a fresh look at holiday gift-giving and make your Christmas especially filled with merry needlepoint memories by stitching one or all four of these snowflake designs. With just a little time and effort, you can celebrate the holiday season with handmade needlepoint ornaments as well as mantel and stairway banister decorations crafted from these one-of-a-kind snowflake patterns.

Each creative snowflake can be made from assorted pieces of scrap canvas and threads along with the usual...MORE needlepoint supplies. Not all the snowflakes need to be the same size or even the exact shape as shown on the needlepoint charts.

Make Something Special with Each Design

You can experiment to your heart’s desire while stitching and creating as many new and unique ones as you wish--just like real snowflakes (each one is different from the other). Stitch one set for your home that you can enjoy all year long, and another set as a personal gift that will be admired and treasured by someone who appreciates needlepoint.

A personalized gift with initials or a name is sure to be treasured, so consider using a needlepoint alphabet to further customize the design.

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    Giant Snowflake Needlepoint Design
    Giant Snowflake Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    This charted giant snowflake needlepoint design is really easier to stitch than it looks; so stick with the classics like half cross tent, continental and basketweave to get a more detailed and traditional look. The pattern works up quickly with scrap thread for both the design motif and the background fill area.

    The needlepoint design is quite versatile in that the color scheme can be changed without too much difficulty to whatever you have on hand in your scrap bag. The project size can be...MORE adjusted according to your wishes by using smaller or larger canvas mesh.

    Watch your stitching tension as you work the 5.36-inch square needlepoint pattern. When a design like this one requires constant color changes, it is easy to lose a smooth stitching rhythm. To avoid this, work as much of the pattern in a single color as possible before changing to a new one.

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    If you tend to stick to just the needlepoint stitches you know, it can get pretty boring after a while making the same stitches over and over again with each new project.

    You can break away from this dull habit by stitching this beautiful 3.57-inch by 3.86-inch golden snowflake needlepoint design in as many different shades of amber, gold and yellow thread scraps you can find.

    This is a great time to experiment with new stitches you've always wanted to try, from basic needlepoint stitches to...MORE more difficult decorative and textured techniques and everything you would like to learn in between.

    Needlepoint snowflakes stitched with this pattern make excellent holiday bazaar items that can be sold to spread some Christmas cheer.

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    Christmas Green and Red Snowflake Needlepoint Design
    Christmas Green and Red Snowflake Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.Com

    You are sure to fall in love with this unusual snowflake design that’s green instead of more traditional white or blue. You’ll have a great time making several items from the 3.57-inch by 3.07-inch pattern in a variety of colors to finish into tree ornaments or gift tags.

    Every time you look at a snowflake made from this chart, you’ll remember all the fun you had stitching and the hassle-free finishing you did yourself at home. Hopefully, it will inspire you to invent many more snowflakes to...MORE stitch for the holidays.

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    Delicate Kaleidoscope Snowflake Needlepoint Desig
    Delicate Kaleidoscope Snowflake Needlepoint Desig. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to About.com

    Show off this delightful snowflake by using luxurious frosty or iridescent threads that will make the finished design look just like a kaleidoscope. The delicate 3.57-inch square needlepoint design looks hard, but is actually quite simple to stitch and can be completed in a couple of hours.

    While working on the project, make sure you have enough natural light shining over your shoulder onto the canvas. The kaleidoscope can be a bit of a challenge if you decide to change from the original charted...MORE colors.

There are many variations of tent stitch that can be used to work these four needlepoint designs. Master the basic tent stitch and you can do the variations with ease, no matter the size or shape of the pattern. Trim the snowflakes with tiny beads, sequins, fancy ribbons and jingle bells to make great last-minute holiday decorations. Finish each completed snowflake into a tree ornament at home without too much bother and fuss.