Free Christmas Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Games with a Yuletide Theme

Christmas jigsaw puzzle
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Ring in the holiday season with these free Christmas puzzles and games. Here you'll find themed crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and word games that are brimming with Christmas cheer. Feel free to share these Christmas puzzles with everyone on your gift list!

These puzzles are meant for older children and adults. Younger solvers may prefer the puzzles and games in our section of Christmas Puzzles for Kids, where you'll find timely-themed crossword puzzles, hidden picture games, word searches, easy jigsaw puzzles and other activities to celebrate the Yuletide season.

Christmas Trivia Games

Do you enjoy Christmas trivia? Think you know a lot about the twelve days of Christmas? Test your knowledge of the Christmas holiday, its history and traditions, music, folklore and religious roots with these entertaining trivia games celebrating the Yuletide season. You can also try your hand at the New Year Trivia Quiz, a quiz game filled with fun facts about how various cultures around the world celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Christmas Word Puzzles

The seasonal crossword puzzles featured here are geared towards older children and adults. They feature standard American-style grids, punny clues and themed entries that spotlight this merry time of year. All these crossword games can be played online, in AcrossLite, or printed for solving anytime, anywhere.
  • Seasonal VIP Crossword - Track down and expose the celebrity in this crossword puzzle.
  • Christmas Crossword No. 1 - A crossword puzzle filled with Yuletide cheer!
  • Christmas Crossword No. 2 - Another crossword puzzle with a merry theme.
For readers who prefer solving the more challenging cryptic crossword puzzles, we have the Yuletide Cryptic Crossword, a seasonal cryptic with a bonus clue.

Younger solvers can practice their Christmas vocabulary with this selection of free Christmas Crossword Puzzles for Kids.

These puzzles have loosely interlocking grids and range in difficulty from very easy to challenging, 35-word games.

For those who enjoy anagram games, we have the Christmas Carol Word Scramble, in which you must unscramble the letters to reveal the names of these traditional Christmas tunes.

Christmas Word Search Games

Here's a selection of free word search puzzles with festive themes. These holiday word search games are in large print, making them less taxing on the eyes for seniors or the visually impaired. Play these Christmas word games online or print them for solving on paper.

These word searches may be a bit difficult for primary and elementary level students. For easy games for this age group, see our section of Christmas Word Search Worksheets, which features a wide variety of online and printable word search games celebrating this merry time of year.

  • Christmas Word Search - Hidden in the puzzle are 20 Christmas words for you to find.
  • Santa Claus Word Search - Up to 28 words describing St. Nick and his entourage are featured in this word seek game.
  • Christmas Decorations Word Search - This 21-word puzzle has a word list consisting of words describing items used to trim the tree and deck the halls.
  • Foods of Christmas Word Search - In this 18-word game, you need to find the names of tasty dishes, snacks and treats consumed by people the world over during the holiday season.
  • Sopa de Letras de la Navidad - Want to practice your Spanish vocabulary? Here's a Christmas word search game using Spanish words describing various traditions, foods and symbols you're likely to see when celebrating the Christmas holiday in Mexico.
  • Jeux de Mots Cachés de Noël - This French-language word search game features 28 words and phrases related to le temps des fêtes. Once you've found all the hidden entries, use the remaining letters to figure out the four special messages. Print only.
  • Weihnachten Word Search - Here are a couple of online word search games to learn and practice Christmas vocabulary in German.
  • 50 Free Christmas Word Search Puzzles - If you still haven't found the perfect Christmas word search game, then check out this extensive list of online and printable games from About Freebies.

Christmas Memory Games

As we age, exercising the brain on a regular basis becomes crucial to retaining cognitive skills such as attention span and short and long-term memory. Want to bone up on your visual memory skills? Try this Yuletide version of the classic memory game for a fun way to exercise and improve your short-term memory. We have an Easy (4x4) Concentration Game for children and beginners as well as a more Challenging (6x6) Concentration Game for puzzlers who'd like to move up to the next level.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Studies show that adults with hobbies that stimulate their brains are less likely to suffer from debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's. Along with solving crossword puzzles and playing memory games, piecing together jigsaw puzzles is a good way to give your brain a workout. For the holidays, we have a large selection of Free Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles to play online. These jigsaw games feature popular holiday themes and range in difficulty from a super simple 12-piece puzzle to more challenging games with 300 pieces or more.

Though there are many advantages to playing jigsaw games online, such as no more messy table surfaces or missing puzzle pieces, some still prefer piecing together jigsaw puzzles the old-fashioned way, either because they enjoy the tactile experience or prefer the social aspect of piecing together a puzzle this way. If you're looking for a gift for a puzzle fan or an entertaining way for the family to spend some quality time together, then consider one of these holiday jigsaw puzzles suited to all ages and abilities.

  • Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles With Fewer Than 500 Pieces - These festive jigsaw puzzles range in difficulty from under 100 to 400 pieces.
  • Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles With 500 to 750 pieces - These holiday jigsaw puzzles all have 750 or fewer pieces and are meant for intermediate solvers and older children.

Another great gift idea for word enthusiasts are these entertaining Christmas Puzzle Books. This selection of Yuletide-themed puzzle books has something for everyone, including children's crosswords and word games to keep the youngsters busy, easy to challenging puzzles for adults, and large-print puzzle books for older solvers whose dwindling eyesight makes reading the clues in regular puzzles more of a challenge.