8 Free Crochet Curtain Patterns

How to Crochet Curtains and Valences

Do your windows look a little bare? Perhaps a crochet window treatment will help. It will certainly be fun to work up and could add some interesting, personalized decor to your home. Even if your windows aren't bare, it can be fun to change up the curtains and get a fresh sense of design into your space. Crochet is great for that. Here are eight free crochet curtain patterns to help you redecorate your kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms.

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    Simple Cluster Stitch Crochet Window Panel Free Pattern
    Simple Cluster Stitch Crochet Window Panel Free Pattern. The Shtick I Do!

    Any crochet pattern that is designed to work as a flat panel (even those for blankets, etc., can be used to work a crochet curtain panel. That fact is mentioned in this free crochet panel pattern by The Shtick I Do!, which uses an easy crochet cluster stitch as the basis of its design.

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    Chevron Curtain Free Crochet Pattern
    Chevron Curtain Free Crochet Pattern. Moogly

    This terrific free crochet pattern by Moogly works up quickly using tall stitches like the triple treble and a large K crochet hook. Moogly provides instructions for making a longer window curtain in addition to this short version. The design uses a big chevron crochet pattern that could be worked in the alternating neutral color scheme shown here or in any color scheme from plain white to vibrant rainbow hues.

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    Window Pane Valence Free Crochet Pattern
    Window Pane Valence Free Crochet Pattern. Regina S Graham

    A window valence is the part of the curtain that hangs just on the upper portion of windows, frequently used on kitchen windows. This is a free crochet pattern for a cotton valence. It is designed by Regina S Graham. It is a very simple open crochet pattern with enough variation in the stitches to keep it interesting.

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    Crochet Flower Lattice Curtain Valence Free Pattern
    Crochet Flower Lattice Curtain Valence Free Pattern. Dearest Debi

    Instantly brighten up any room in the house with the addition of this floral crochet window valence. It was designed by Dearest Debi using variegated yarn to give it the interesting color pattern without having to change colors while you work.

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    Flower Power Crochet Valence Free Pattern
    Flower Power Crochet Valence Free Pattern. Once Upon a Pink Moon

    Here is a completely different variation on a flower crochet curtain partner. This one, designed by Once Upon a Pink Moon, uses big, bold flower shapes worked just around the outside edge of the window. This is a fabulous statement piece for the home.

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    Checkered Diamond Design for Crochet Curtains and Other Window Projects

    Checkered Diamond Pattern in Filet Crochet
    Checkered Diamond Pattern in Filet Crochet. Checkered Diamond Pattern in Filet Crochet -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    This checkered diamond pattern would make lovely flat curtain panelsl You could also adapt it to make valances as well. You will have to know how to do filet crochet in order to understand this free crochet pattern. Once you have learned filet crochet, you can just use the free checkered diamonds chart, and repeat it out as many times as needed to get the right sized crochet curtains. The chart tiles seamlessly. This same idea could be used with almost any filet crochet pattern that you have.

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    Beaded Net Curtains Free Crochet Pattern
    Beaded Net Curtains Free Crochet Pattern. Red Clover Crochet

    Add a little touch of glamour to your curtains by incorporating bead crochet. The light will glint off of the beads for a really pretty effect. This free curtain pattern by Red Clover Crochet is a simple net design that could be worked without beads but when you add the beads in then you get something really special. 

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    Simple Plarn Crochet Curtain Free Pattern
    Simple Plarn Crochet Curtain Free Pattern. Vera Grguricin

    Most crochet curtains are made with cotton yarn or thread, although of course they could be made with any fiber. They can also be made with alternative materials, including plastic bag yarn (plarn). That's exactly what these crochet curtains are made from. They are a free Ravelry download pattern designed by Vera Grguricin.