10 Free Crochet Doily Patterns

Vintage and Modern Doily Designs for Your Home

Many people who crochet in modern times avoid crocheting doilies for a long time. They wonder where they will use them. They assume that all crochet doilies are made with thread and that thread crochet is difficult; both of which are false assumptions. They get so excited about making contemporary things that they don't get interested in making doilies. But at some point in your crochet journey, you might want to explore the joy of doily making. 

Doilies are circular, making them great...MORE projects for meditative crochet. Doilies, like crochet mandalas, can be used as decoration on tables or even framed as beautiful wall art. Alternatively, doilies can serve as the center piece for wearable designs, can be worked in alternative materials like t-shirt yarn for use as rugs or can be wrapped around stones and other upcycled materials. Doilies can be tons of fun!

Here are ten free crochet doily patterns, some of them vintage and some of them fresh, to inspire you to get started with doily making and design.


This article was edited and updated by Kathryn Vercillo.

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    Spiral Doily Free Vintage Crochet Pattern
    Spiral Doily Free Vintage Crochet Pattern. Grid Mammal Crafts

    Although most doilies that you will come across are worked entirely in the round as pure circles, you will occasionally discover an amazing doily like this one that is comprised of motifs. This is a vintage thread crochet pattern comprised of spiral medallion motifs that are stitched together to create the full doily. The pattern is available from Grid Mammal Crafts.

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    Rings of Change Crochet Doily Free Pattern
    Rings of Change Crochet Doily Free Pattern. Frank O'Randle

    Designer Frank O'Randle created one of the most popular crochet circle blanket designs ever, called the Rings of Change. He also shows how you can use just the first third of that crochet pattern to create a beautiful, detailed doily. The doily can be made in a single solid color, as shown here, or worked in many, many colors like his larger designs usually are.

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    Triangle Crochet Doily Free Pattern
    Triangle Crochet Doily Free Pattern. Crochet Galore

    Crochet doilies are typically round but you can make them in other shapes as well, especially if you want to get a more contemporary look when using them for home decor. This is a three-sided (triangle-shaped) crochet doily pattern offered free from Crochet Galore. She notes that if you stop about two thirds of the way through the pattern, you'll have a coaster-sized doily.

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    Lace Triangle Doily Free Crochet Pattern
    Lace Triangle Doily Free Crochet Pattern. Rainbow Dandelion

    Rainbow Dandelion has a great array of crochet doily and motif patterns, many inspired by vintage designs but filled with modern flair. This one is a second example of how a doily can be done in the shape of a triangle. The choice of yarn and the laciness of the open design give this a complete different style than the one above by Crochet Galore.

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    Pointed Harmony Doily Free Crochet Pattern
    Pointed Harmony Doily Free Crochet Pattern. Maggie Weldon

    This free crochet doily pattern from Maggie Weldon is what many of us think of as a traditional doily pattern. It is a relatively advanced doily pattern, using special long stitches along with cluster stitches to create a great textured openwork design.

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    Filet Heart Doily Free Crochet Pattern
    Filet Heart Doily Free Crochet Pattern. Marcia Galti

    This was originally a Portuguese crochet pattern by Marcia Galti but it has been translated into English with a photo tutorial. It's a great crochet pattern because it has the classic circular design of a doily but it uses techniques from filet crochet to create a beautiful repeating heart pattern that makes the piece really special.

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    Colorful Crochet Doily Free Pattern
    Colorful Crochet Doily Free Pattern. Sonea Delvon

    Crochet designer Sonea Delvon used three different colors of cotton thread when creating this free crochet doily pattern because she wanted to give it a fun, modern look. This is a Ravelry download that has both written instructions and charts.

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    Thanksgiving Crochet Doily FREE Pattern
    Thanksgiving Crochet Doily FREE Pattern. BellaCrochet

    This free doily crochet pattern is from BellaCrochet, one of the best contemporary doily designers. It was designed as a Thanksgiving crochet pattern, but it would certainly work throughout the fall season, and you could even adapt the coloring to make it a doily you could use in your home all year long.

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    Doily Hoops Free Crochet Pattern
    Doily Hoops Free Crochet Pattern. A La Sascha

    One of the best ways to display a crochet doily is to encase it in a beautiful embroidery hoop and hang it on your wall as art. That is the intention for these two small (3") crochet doily patterns from A La Sascha.

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    T-Shirt Yarn Doily Rug Free Crochet Pattern
    T-Shirt Yarn Doily Rug Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet in Paternoster

    Crochet In Paternoster is always making wonderful things using t-shirt yarn. This doily rug is a terrific example of that. Her free crochet pattern could be a traditional doily if it were worked in thread with a small hook but instead it is worked with thick, chunky, beautifully pink t-shirt yarn and a large hook that creates a cushy circular rug.