10 Free Crochet Football Patterns

Crochet patterns for Superbowl and Monday Night Football fans

Football is the All American sport and it certainly has a lot of fans. If you're the kind of person who always sits down with the family for Monday Night Football and can't wait until Superbowl Sunday rolls around each year then this crochet pattern roundup is for you. And if you're not so into the sport but have family and friends who are, these are great free football crochet patterns that you can work on while they watch they game!

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    Braided Earflap Football Hat Free Crochet Pattern
    Braided Earflap Football Hat Free Crochet Pattern. Karen Vaughan, The Shtick I Do

    This is a free crochet hat pattern offered as a Ravelry download by Karen Vaughan of The Shtick I Do. She has created this crochet pattern to be very adaptable so that you can make it in different sizes, and you could also choose to make it in your favorite team colors rather than in the traditional football colors. This crochet hat has earflaps with braids so it's cute but also cozy for those chilly nights when you're outside watching a game.

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    Stuffed Football Free Crochet Pattern
    Stuffed Football Free Crochet Pattern. Chelsea, The Crafter Life

    This crochet football can be tossed around just like the real thing. It's a stuffed crochet football that can be made to the same size as a regular football. If you have kids that can never put the ball down, this is a great safe option for indoor play! This free crochet pattern is by Chelsea of The Crafter Life.

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    Football Applique Free Crochet Pattern
    Football Applique Free Crochet Pattern. The Toddler Whisperer

    Whip up a small crochet football appliqué to add to any item that you're making for a fan of the sport. Crochet this onto a blanket, hat, hoodie or any other item, whether it's crocheted or store bought, to give a personal touch to the gift. This is a free crochet pattern from The Toddler Whisperer.

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    Football Crochet Booties and Hat Set + Toy Football Free Crochet Pattern

    Football Crochet Booties free pattern
    Football Crochet Booties free pattern. Oui Crochet

    Oui Crochet has a set of three matching free football crochet patterns. The ones that you see pictured here are adorable crochet baby booties made in the design of a classic football. There is also a matching free crochet newborn hat pattern. Put your little one in this set and they are ready to go to the game! There's also a little stuffed crochet football toy that you can make to give baby something to stay busy when the game gets boring.

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    Football Crochet Beer Cozy Free Pattern
    Football Crochet Beer Cozy Free Pattern. Alicia Kachmar

    What goes better with football than beer? Crochet if you ask me! Even your drink can be ready for game day when you wrap it up in a football crochet cozy. This free sports crochet pattern is by Alicia Kachmar.

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    Football Coaster Free Crochet Pattern
    Football Coaster Free Crochet Pattern. Katie Cooks and Crafts

    You could simply set your beer or other cold drink onto a crochet football coaster like this one, which is a free crochet coaster pattern from Katie Cooks and Crafts. This same simple crochet pattern could be used as an appliqué or worked up into a garland to decorate for a Superbowl party.

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    Football Bobble Square Free Crochet Chart
    Football Bobble Square Free Crochet Chart. Kari Philpott

    Bobble squares are a great way to give some easy three dimensional texture to a design. This is a free crochet chart showing how to create a football design in bobbles. It can be used to create an afghan square, and you could include this in a crochet blanket. Note that this is a chart so you'll have to know how to read crochet charts to be able to use this free crochet pattern from Kari Philpott on Ravelry.

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    Crochet Football Cork Board Free Pattern
    Crochet Football Cork Board Free Pattern. Petals to Picots

    Celebrate football season by creating a crochet corkboard where you can post game days, scores and anything else that you want to share with your family about football. This is a smart free crochet pattern from Petals to Picots.