Free Crossword Puzzles to Play Online or Print

Free crossword puzzles for puzzlers of all ages, including easy freeform crossword puzzles for children and second-language learners, standard American-style crossword puzzles like those found in most North American publications as well as the challenging cryptic crosswords preferred by UK and Australian publications. Solve these free crossword puzzles online or print them for solving on paper.

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    This section has a large number of standard, 15 x 15, American-style crossword puzzles of medium difficulty to play online or print and solve. Happy puzzling!

    If you're looking for crossword puzzles with a holiday theme, then check out these free holiday crossword puzzles. Crosswords for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and many other annual celebrations can be found by following the links below.

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    Novice crossword puzzle solvers can test their skills on these free, easy-to-solve crosswords. These American-style crossword puzzles use a 13 x 13 grid and simple, common words that exist in the basic vocabulary of most people. The puzzles are clued in such a way that those new to crossword solving should have no trouble arriving at the solution. These easy crosswords are a great way for second language learners to enhance their vocabulary skills while familiarizing themselves with the standard...MORE crossword puzzles preferred by North Americans. These puzzles can be solved online, in AcrossLite or on paper.

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    Crossword Puzzles for Kids

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    Here, you'll find easy crossword puzzles for children of primary school age as well as more difficult ones for elementary level students and second language learners. These crossword puzzles, mostly of the freeform variety, are classified by theme, which include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and more.
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    Free Daily Crossword Puzzles

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    If you're like most cruciverbalists, you enjoy solving a new crossword puzzle every day. Here are some of the most popular free daily crossword puzzles available online.

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    Popular in Britain and Australia, cryptic crossword puzzles with their diabolical clues can present a challenge to any crossword puzzle solver. In these crossword puzzles, each clue is a word puzzle in and of itself. The clues consist of two parts and use wordplay such as anagrams, charades, container words, reversals, deletions, double definitions, hidden words, homophones, palindromes or &lits.

    Ready to try your hand at these challenging word puzzles? Solve them online, in AcrossLite or...MORE print and solve on paper.

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    Newspaper Crosswords - US

    Newspaper Crossword and Spectacles

    This section features daily and weekly crossword puzzles found in online editions of US newspapers. Nearly all of these used to be free, but now many require a subscription.

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    Newspaper Crosswords Around the World

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    Here, you'll find daily and weekly crossword puzzles from online editions of Canadian and overseas newspapers.

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    Foreign Language Crossword Puzzles

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    Finally, for those whose mother tongue is other than English or those learning a second language, foreign language crossword puzzles for all ages and levels of ability. These free crossword games are also good vocabulary builders for language students.

    • Mots-Croisés (Crosswords in French)
    • Crucigramas (Crosswords in Spanish)
    • Kreuzworträtsel (Crosswords in German)
    • Parole Crociate (Crosswords in Italian)