9 Free DIY Garage Plans

Garage organized with plastic boxes on wooden shelves and rakes held on the wall

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These free garage plans will help you build a place for your vehicles and tons of storage space. By building it yourself you'll save money and know that you have a quality building. These plans below come in various sizes for a one-car or two-car detached garage.

The plans include everything you need to get started: blueprints, building directions, photos, and diagrams. You'll just need to add the materials, tools, and hard work. Many of these plans can also be used for a workshop, a barn, shed, or even a greenhouse.

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    Detached One Car Garage Plan

    A diagram of a detached garage

    How To Specialist

    HowToSpecialist's garage plan is for building a detached, 12x20 one-car garage. The benefit of this garage plan is that it's very easy to follow. The materials are listed with corresponding letters that you can refer to in the diagram, and lots of images throughout the steps show you exactly what to do.

    The garage plan includes a materials list, tools list, step-by-step building instructions, and diagrams.

    Be sure to check out the related articles at HowToSpecialist for how to build a garage roof and how to finish a garage.

    Detached One Car Garage Plan from How To Specialist

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    16' X 22' Garage Plan

    A diagram of a small garage


    RONA has a free garage plan for building a 16x22 garage. The start of this plan shows all the tools and materials you'll need for building the garage, after which starts the 14 steps of construction.

    Some of the steps include building the exterior walls and door, window, and garage door openings—as well as installing the sheathing and air barrier, standing the wall frames, and installing the garage door.

    16' X 22' Garage Plan from RONA

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    Berrywood Pole-Frame, Two Car Garage

    A two car garage

    Today's Plans

    This plan is a PDF file from Today's Plans that shows diagrams and measurements for constructing a two-car garage called the Berrywood Pole-Frame garage.

    Plenty of notes come with this plan, talking about everything from roof materials and siding to pole frame construction, windows, doors, and loft framing.

    Berrywood Pole-Frame, Two Car Garage from Today's Plans

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    24' X 24' 2-Car Garage Plan

    A diagram of four sides of a garage

    Western Construction

    Why build a garage for one when you can build one for two? Western Construction has a free two-car garage plan called the Attic Truss Garage Plan. A garage door, window, and entry door are all included in the plan. The PDF is 12 pages long and includes framing details, braced wall details, elevation drawings, and more.

    The first page reveals everything you'll need for the garage, including the materials for the foundation, wall framing, roofing, siding, and trim.

    24' X 24' 2-Car Garage Plan from Western Construction

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    Garden Oak Garage and Workshop Plans

    A two car garage with a shed

    Today's Plans

    With another free garage plan from Today's Plans, you can tweak the plan to build more than dozen different garage and workshop areas, four of which are described in detail as part of the free materials. It really gives you an opportunity to find a garage to build that's going to best fit your needs.

    This 30-page PDF provides layouts, materials lists, building resources, and plans for building the main garage and expansion shed. Be sure to read it all beforehand so you know what to expect.

    Garden Oak Garage and Workshop Plans from Today's Plans

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    24' X 24' 2-Car Garage Plan

    A diagram of the front of a garage

    Cad Northwest

    Another similar two-car garage plan is available from Cad Northwest. It measures 24x24 and has room for a loft that stands 5 feet tall. The loft is accessed from the right wall. Also on the right side is a personal door and 6-foot-wide window space.

    The 21-page PDF includes not only all the drawings, notes, and dimensions for building this garage but also a full materials list on the final page. Just gather what you need and you're ready to tackle this project.

    24' X 24' 2-Car Garage Plan from Cad Northwest

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    How to Build a Garage from the Ground Up

    A two-car garage covered in snow

    Instructables has a free garage plan that takes you through the whole process of building a garage from the ground up, including details on getting permits and hiring subcontractors, if needed. This is a really great read for someone who hasn't ever built a garage before. It really lays out the whole process for you.

    This detailed plan includes blueprints, a materials list, color photos, diagrams, and lots of directions.

    How to Build a Garage from the Ground Up from Instructables

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    Custom Detached Garage Plan

    A drawing of a detached garage


    This free garage plan gives you directions for constructing a 14' x 24' x 8' detached garage that includes a garage door, door, and window.

    There are a materials list, main floor plan, elevation views, foundation plan, and framing and details pages to help you build it.

    Custom Detached Garage Plan from SDS-CAD

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    Shell Only Single Garage Plan

    Building a garage
    Zigy Kaluzny / Getty Images

    This free garage plan from BuildEazy is intended for someone with a low budget, as it doesn't include plans for laying a floor. If you're ready to build a garage that you can use now, this plan is for you.

    Each page of this plan separates different instructions, such as for the wall frames, bracing and fastening, the exterior cladding, and the angle cuts. The materials list and the cut list appear toward the end. There are a lot of great diagrams along the way to help you find success in the build.

    Shell Only Single Garage Plan from BuildEazy