11 Free Gazebo Plans

Renovation gazebo in the park
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These free wooden gazebo plans will help you build a gazebo for your yard that will help guard you against the wind, rain, and sun while you enjoy the outdoors.

These gazebo plans are for a wide variety of shapes - such as square, rectangular, hexagonal, and octagonal. Some are also tailored for certain uses such as for a hot tub or as a screened in area. Look through all the plans to find the perfect one for your space and what you plan to use it for.

All the free gazebo plans below include everything you need to build a wooden gazebo for your backyard. Written directions, building tips, diagrams, images, and even videos will help guide you through the complete process of building a gazebo.

There are some alternatives if you don't feel a gazebo is right for your yard. A pergola plan or deck plan might work better for you and your space.

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    Square Gazebo Plan from The Wood Plans Shop

    A gazebo by a lake.

    The Wood Plans Shop has a free gazebo plan for this beautiful square gazebo that's small on size but huge on impact. There's just enough room for some DIY patio furniture.

    Images, diagrams, a materials list, and plenty of written instructions will help you build this beautiful square gazebo.

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    Six-Sided Gazebo Plan from Mitre 10

    A gazebo in the woods.
    Mitre 10

    Mitre 10 has a free gazebo plan you can download that builds a six-sided gazebo.

    A materials and supplies list, building instructions, and color pictures are all included in this free gazebo plan.

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    Free Backyard Gazebo Plan from DIY Network

    Picture of a man building a gazebo
    DIY Network

    DIY Network has a free Gazebo plan that will help you build a square gazebo perfect for your backyard.

    A materials and tools list, videos, and images will help you build this gazebo over the course of several weekends.

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    Gazebo Plan from Mother Earth News

    Picture of a man and women in a gazebo
    Mother Earth News

    This free gazebo plan from Mother Earth News will help you build a 6-sided gazebo that will give your yard a classic update.

    Step-by-step instructions along with plenty of diagrams and pictures will help you build this gazebo that you can enjoy for years to come.

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    California Redwood Associations' Free Lake Tahoe PDF Gazebo Plan

    Illustration of a gazebo blueprint
    California Redwood Association

    If you're looking for an elegant gazebo for your yard than look no further than this free gazebo plan from California Redwood Association.

    Instructions, diagrams, and images will help you build this gazebo. There are even tips to help you save money on materials.

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    Octagonal Gazebo Plan from BuildEazy

    A wooden gazebo in a park.

    BuildEazy has a complete gazebo plan available that won't cost you a cent. The finished product is a lovely octagonal gazebo.

    Almost ten pages of instructions are included in this free gazebo plan including diagrams and images.

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    Made In the Shade Gazebo from Home & Shop Journal

    A DIY wooden gazebo in a backyard
    Popular Mechanics

    Home & Shop Journal has a free wooden gazebo plan that will provide you plenty of shade in the heat of summer. 

    This free plan includes written building instructions and plenty of diagrams to help get you started.

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    Free Wooden Gazebo Plan from How To Specialist

    A blueprint for a square gazebo.
    How To Specialist

    This wooden gazebo plan is for a square gazebo that's great if you don't have a lot of space.

    Materials list, diagrams, tools list, and tips are all included in this free wooden gazebo plan.

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    Free Backyard Gazebo Plan from Extreme How-To

    Diagram of a gazebo roof
    Extreme How-To

    Extreme How-To also has a free gazebo plan for a gazebo that has a great classic look to it.

    There are many diagrams and tips here to help you build your own custom gazebo.

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    Grill Gazebo from Family Handy Man

    Hipsters Grilling at a Summer Backyard BBQ
    Spiderstock / Getty Images

    Family Handy Man has a free wooden gazebo plan that has one main purpose - to keep your grill shady on those hot or even rainy summer days.

    This free "Grillzebo" plan includes everything you need to build a gazebo over an existing patio.

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    Building a Gazebo from a Kit Plan from Ron Hazelton

    Young man painting bench in the park
    mixetto / Getty Images

    A common way to build a gazebo is to buy a gazebo kit at your local hardware store that has everything you need to build a backyard gazebo.

    This guide from Ron Hazelton will give you detailed instructions as well as a video on how to find the perfect spot for your gazebo and build it from the pre-purchased kit.