16 Sets of Free Halloween Bingo Cards

Time to Play Some Halloween Bingo

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Halloween bingo cards are a great game that children can play at school, Halloween parties, or just at home with their siblings or friends. Besides being fun, Halloween bingo is a great game for teaching listening skills. It's even easy enough that even young children can play.

The Halloween bingo cards you'll find below are all free and can easily be printed from your home or work printer. There are several different designs of Halloween bingo cards, so you'll be sure to find one you like.

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    Halloween Bingo Game from Growing Up Gabel

    Halloween bingo cards and other games on a table
    Growing Up Gabel

    Growing Up Gabel has created this wonderful black and orange Halloween bingo cards that would work for kids, adults, and everyone in between.

    In addition to the bingo game, there's also a free printable Halloween word search and Sudoku.

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    Makoodle's Halloween Bingo Cards

    Halloween bingo cards on a table with candy corn.

    Besides this creepy pumpkin design, Makoodle also has some free Halloween bingo cards you can download in a spider web or skull design.

    There are two downloads which include a set of either 8 or 6 Halloween bingo cards.

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    Artsy Fartsy Mama's Halloween Bingo Cards

    A Halloween bingo card on a table with candy corn.
    Artsy Fartsy

    These free Halloween bingo cards from Arsty Fartsy Mama includes 6 different bingo cards along with matching Halloween bingo calling pieces.

    There are even game instructions included if it's been awhile since you've played bingo.

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    Free, Printable Halloween Bingo Cards from Crazy Little Projects

    Halloween bingo cards with candy corn.
    Crazy Little Projects

    There are eight different versions of this adorable Halloween bingo card that you can get for free over at Crazy Little Projects. 

    There are also free calling cards to go along with the bingo game. Looks like fun!

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    Printable Halloween Bingo Cards from Pretty Providence

    Halloween bingo cards and callout cards on a table.
    Pretty Providence

    These fun Halloween bingo cards from Pretty Providence have colorful Halloween images that are friendly for all ages of kids with nothing too spooky.

    You can download these bingo cards in a family set of 4 or a classroom set of 30.

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    Halloween Bingo Cards You Can Color from Crayola

    Black and white Halloween bingo card


    Crayola has a set of 5 Halloween bingo cards hidden within the Halloween coloring pages that are meant to be printed out and then colored before playing the game. Additional cards can be printed and cut out to use as caller cards.

    With a few clicks, you can have these printed out and ready to go in no time. 

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    Free Halloween Bingo from Alice & Lois

    A person playing Halloween bingo with candy corn
    Alice & Lois

    Alice & Lois have created these illustrated bingo cards that are perfect for Halloween with drawings of candy, owls, spiders, gravestones, and other creepy images.

    The free downloads include 6 bingo cards and an icon sheet.

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    Studio DIY's Halloween Bingo Cards

    A Halloween bingo card on the table with candy corn

     Studio DIY

    Studio DIY has designed this classy set of black and white Halloween bingo cards that would be a great fit for an adult or kids Halloween party. 

    There are 10 different bingo cards in this same design available and you can print them on colored paper or cardstock to give them a whole new look.

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    Disney Villain Bingo Cards from Artsy Fartsy Momma

    A villian bingo card on a table
    Artsy Fartsy Mama

    These Halloween bingo cards feature everyone's favorite Disney and Pixar villains that can even be playing outside of Halloween.

    This printable bingo set includes a PDF file with 8 bingo cards and calling cards.

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    The Crafting Chicks Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

    Halloween bingo cards laying on a table.
    The Crafting Chicks

    I love the vintage feel to these Halloween bingo cards from The Crafting Chicks.

    These printable Halloween bingo cards are available in orange, teal, green, and gray. There are also some adorable calling cards to match.

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    Attempting Aloha's Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

    A close-up of a Halloween bingo card.
    Attempting Aloha

    The Halloween bingo card set that Attempting Aloha has created includes 10 unique bingo cards.

    These free Halloween bingo cards are super cute with images of bats, pumpkins, black cats, witches, and candy.

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    Kid Scraps' Free Halloween Bingo Cards

    An orange and green Halloween bingo card.
    Kid Scraps

    You can print 8 Halloween bingo cards at Kid Scraps and they are in a great 5X5 size that would be perfect for older children.

    There are also printable directions and caller cards for this set of Halloween bingo cards.

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    DLTK's Custom Halloween Bingo Cards

    Colorful Halloween images on a bingo card.

    DLTK has a very cool bingo card generator that makes it easy to create your own custom Halloween bingo cards.

    Follow the directions on the website to make your own Halloween bingo cards using a 3X3, 4X4, or 5X5 card. You can even choose whether you want to use all pictures or to throw in some Halloween themed vocabulary words.

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    Scouter Mom's Halloween Picture Bingo Cards

    A 9 spot Halloween bingo card.
    Scouter Mom

    Download these free Halloween bingo cards from Scouter Mom and you'll get a set of 10 picture bingo cards along with calling cards.

    This simpler version of Halloween bingo only requires children to get 3 in a row for a bingo.

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    Free Halloween Bingo Cards by Prepared Not Scared!

    A green and black Halloween bingo card.
    Prepared Not Scared!

    These are some very colorful and unique Halloween bingo cards that the kids and adults alike are sure to love.

    You can download the free Halloween bingo cards plus calling cards in either an 8x10 or 5x7 size.

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    Halloween Bingo Cards by MES English

    A bingo card with Halloween pictures in each square.
    MES English

    This link will take you directly to a PDF file that has 12 Halloween bingo cards that are ready to print out and be used in the classroom or at a Halloween party.

    There are also two blank Halloween bingo cards at the end that can be printed and turned into whatever you can imagine.