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Raise your hand if you love Halloween. It is such a fun holiday. Witches, ghosts and goblins come out and demand candy...and maybe a brain or two, Halloween designs add a little spooky charm to your Halloween decor.  You can use these charts not only for decor but for party favors, gifts and clothing. If you are feeling extra ambitious, why not make an entire costume from cross stitch.These patterns are provided free by various Cross Stitch websites. If you have a question about a pattern,...MORE contact the person in charge of the website. Remember that the patterns may be copyright protected, so please respect the terms of use for the free Cross Stitch patterns.

For even more Halloween designs, see Free Halloween Designs by Connie G. Barwick.

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    Halloween sparkle from Kreinik includes cats, witches, scarecrows, and Treat bag designs. These patterns are great for trick or treat bags or party favors. You can also frame them for extra Halloween decor. Why not use these ghost and goblins to decorate an office or your cube for the holiday season. 

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    Bev Qualheim's Halloween Freebies

    Bev Qualheim of Bev's Country Cottage offers several cute Halloween charts including:

    These cute little patterns are great for younger kids or classrooms, They are also simple enough for teaching a cross stitch class. Make the pump-kitty design for your cat's costume. They will love it! 

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    Halloween Designs from Sandy Riggs

    Sandy offers two designs including a Tiny Ghost chart and a Pumpkins and Full Moon pattern. What does a ghost do to stay safe in the car? He puts on his sheet belt! Okay, so not the best ghost joke but this tiny ghost chart makes up for the lack of laughing. You can use this chart and stitch up tiny bags for favors or class room fun. 

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    From Free Patterns Online; free charts for ghosts and pumpkins. Free Patterns Online offers up not only Halloween patterns but also other seasonal fall patterns. While you can stick with the Halloween theme, why not branch out courtesy of this website. You can use the patterns for gifts and other fun ideas. 

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    Designed by Savvy Stitches, this cute Halloween design will add charm to your Halloween decorations. Some people don't want scary and gory for Halloween, they prefer cute and charming. If you like cute and charming then this pattern is for you. It is still Halloween but without all the stuff that will scare the pants off of you and keep you up at night. 

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    Scroll down to see a cute kitty in a pumpkin designed by Cyber Stitchers' Jerry Van Horn. Do you have a cat person in your life? Why not stitch this up for them and there twenty kitties. Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins and kitties. Grab a sweatshirt and get to stitching for that crazy cat lady. 

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    Free design from Jenny Barton of a spooky bubbling cauldron.Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble! What is in the cauldron? Could it be a magic spell to make you fly through the sky or maybe it is just a pot of soup. Regardless of what it is, you can stitch up this cauldron and skip doing the dishes, 

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Halloween cross stitch is a great way to add a little extra decor to your Halloween decorations. You can also use these patterns for trick or treat bags or party favors.If you are feeling extra ambitious, you could even make a cross stitch costume. These are just a few of the best free Halloween costumes out there in the internet world. Have fun stitching up a Boo-tacular project!