Free Holiday Crochet Patterns

Christmas Patterns, Mother's Day Patterns, Valentine's Day Patterns and More

Celebrate the holidays with crochet! Find free holiday crochet patterns for Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and other holidays.

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    Christmas Crochet Patterns
    Christmas Crochet Patterns. Christmas Crochet Projects -- Photo and Patterns © Amy Solovay

    If you celebrate Christmas, check out these free Christmas patterns. Projects include snowflakes, angels, Christmas decorations, jewelry with a holiday theme, and more.

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    Crocheted Heart Designs for the Valentine's Day Holiday
    Crocheted Heart Designs for the Valentine's Day Holiday. Crocheted Heart Designs for the Valentine's Day Holiday -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    If you enjoy crocheting for Valentine's Day, our free Valentine patterns offer many possibilities. Perhaps you'd like to make a special gift for your sweetheart. Maybe you'd like to find something nice to wear for a romantic night out. Whether you're looking for heart patterns or other types of patterns, you're sure to find an enjoyable project.

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    Mother's Day Jewelry to Crochet
    Mother's Day Jewelry to Crochet. Mother's Day Jewelry to Crochet -- Photos © Michael and Amy Solovay

    Crochet a little something special for mom. Check out these project ideas for Mother's Day.​​

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    Flickr CC 2.0

    Find free crochet patterns for Halloween-themed accessories plus bats, spiders, skulls, and other creepy-crawlies.


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    Crochet Projects Made Using Red White and Blue Yarns
    Fourth of July Patterns. July 4th Patterns -- Photo collage © Amy Solovay; Dad's Char -n- Grill © Connie Barwick

    Find free patterns and charts with a Fourth of July holiday theme -- red white and blue designs, American flag designs, and more.

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    Father's Day Patterns

    A Funny Gag Gift for Dad -- Crocheted Potholder That Says Dad's Char -n- Grill in Cross Stitch
    A Funny Gag Gift for Dad -- Crocheted Potholder That Says "Dad's Char -n- Grill" in Cross Stitch. Photo © Amy Solovay; Cross Stitch Chart © Connie Barwick.

    You could crochet bunches of fab projects for guys, for Father's Day or anytime.

    • "Dad's Char -n- Grill" Potholder -- As shown, this potholder is best made for Dads who have a sense of humor about their (lack of) barbecuing ability; you can easily modify the design to say "Dad's Bar -n- Grill" if your Dad has mastered the fine art of barbecuing.
    • Team Spirit Hat -- Does Dad have a favorite sports team? If so, perhaps he'd like to have a new hat crocheted in his...MORE team's colors.
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    Hanukkah Patterns

    Hanukkah Wine Bottle Cover
    Hanukkah Wine Bottle Cover. Photo © Amy Solovay

    This square wine bottle cover fits a 750 ml bottle of Manischewitz wine. Embellish it any which way you like; pictured at left is a wine bottle cover with an embroidered menorah design for Hanukkah.

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    Earth Day Projects

    Close-Up Of Crochet Flowers
    Susanne Alfredsson / EyeEm / Getty Images

    We've posted earth-friendly crochet projects and craft projects that you can make at any time of year, but they're especially appropriate for Earth Day.

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    Wooly Bunny, Flickr CC 2.0

    If you celebrate Easter, check out these free Easter patterns and charts. Some, but not all of, these Easter patterns have a religious theme; there are also designs with eggs, bunnies, and chicks to choose from.

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    Flickr CC 2.0

    During the Thanksgiving holiday, we celebrate life's blessings. It's an enjoyable time to relax with a crochet project, too. If you'd like to crochet a project with a Thanksgiving theme, check out these free Thanksgiving patterns.​

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    Rosh Hashanah Patterns

    Rosh Hashanah Greeting Stitched on Crocheted Potholders
    Rosh Hashanah Greeting Stitched on Crocheted Potholders. Rosh Hashanah Greeting Stitched on Crocheted Potholders -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Rosh Hashanah is often celebrated with apples and honey, symbolizing a sweet year. The patterns listed below include apple motifs as well as Rosh Hashanah greetings.

    • Potholders with Rosh Hashana greeting
    • L'Shanah Tovah and apple free chart
    • Beaded Apple Pattern
    • See more apple pattern designs