Free Pattern and Directions to Sew A Hooded Scarf

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    Materials to Sew a Hood Scarf

    Completed Hood Scarf
    Completed Hood and Scarf in One. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    What could be better than a hood and scarf in one? This no fuss hood scarf was one of the few head coverings that I didn't have to argue about getting my children to wear. They were never fond of having to wear a fitted hat. This hood scarf is easy to wear without causing a tight-on-the-head feeling.

    • Polar Fleece
    • Thread
    • Optional-- button and elastic
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    Cutting and Assembly

    simple to sew hood scarf diagram
    Diagram of cutting, folding and sewing a simple hood scarf. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    • Cut out one strip of fleece 62" long by 10" wide Cut the length by the stretch of the fabric.
    • Fold the strip in half to measure 31" by 10". (These measurements are for a child's size)
    • On the folded edge: 6" from the front edge. Mark 8" on the back edge down from the fold.
    • Stitch the curve, tapering into the fold and the back edge.
    • Serge or zig zag the seam allowance.
    • On the end of the scarf (the end without the seam) Make cuts 2" in perpendicular to the edge, as shown...MORE in the diagram.
    • Try the scarf on and locate the best area under the chin for a button. Attach an elastic loop to the opposite side for securing the button.

    Ideas to enhance a simple scarf:

    • Use your serger to finish the edges.
    • Using narrow strips of fleece, attach a bunch of them in the seam at the crown to create a tassel effect.
    • Make matching mittens or gloves.
    • Use other kinds of fabric by allowing enough fabric for a hem.