15 Free Laundry Room Signs to Craft

Normal is a Washer Setting
Art Work by MML.
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    You Wore It

    Your wore it you wash it

    Self Service Laundry - You Wore It, You Wash It

    Why not bring a bit of fun into your laundry room with some cute art work? These witty little quips will help set the mood and brighten your laundry room walls.

    You can create a sign on paper to frame, stitch it on fabric, or paint on reclaimed wood. Add your own artwork and choose the colors to match your laundry room design.

    Have fun!

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    Normal Is Just a Washer Cycle

    Normal is Just a Washer Setting

    Normal is just a setting on the washing machine.

    Whoopi Goldberg is often credited with this profound statement and it's so true.

    If you really want to know more about cycle settings on a washer and which one to use, you'll discover that there are many more than just normal.


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    Self-Cleaning Laundry

    Self Cleaning Laundry

    This Laundry is Self-Cleaning, Do It Yourself

    Perhaps this motto will inspire you that this is also the right time to teach your teenager how to make laundry self-cleaning!

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    Ring Bell for Service

    Laundry ring for service

    Ring for Service. If No One Answers, Do It Yourself.

    In my house, no one even bothers to ring the bell because they know no one will answer! 

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    Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

    Laundry Today Naked Tomorrow

    Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

    So really, how often should clothes be washed. Teach your family the guidelines for women's laundry and how often to wash men's clothes

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    Laundry: Drop Your Pants Here

    Drop Your Pants Here

    Laundry: Drop Your Pants Here

    This little sign is certainly tongue-in-cheek; but there is a plus side of leaving dirty clothes right in the laundry room rather than taking them all through the house. You will reduce household soil and allergies.

    Click here to download an 8.5 x 11 inches sign and then use it to bring a bit of humor to your laundry room.

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    Laundry Room: Get the Real Dirt Here

    Get the Real Dirt Here

    Laundry Room: Get the Real Dirt Here

    The laundry room is full of dirty clothes and lots of stains to remove. You may also find that using a laundromat affords some time for catching up on neighborhood activities and information.


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    Drop Your Duds in the Suds

    Drop Your Duds in the Suds

    Drop Your Duds in the Suds

    Before you direct everyone's attention to this sign, you might want to offer them a refresher course on how to load different styles of washing machines. The techniques are different for standard top load washers versus high-efficiency top-load and front-load washer.


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    Laundry Makes Me a Basket Case

    Laundry Makes Me A Basket Case

    Laundry Makes Me a Basket Case

    If doing laundry is frustrating to you, perhaps it is time to streamline your laundry routine.


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    Laundry: A Never Ending Cycle

    Laundry Never Ending Cycle
    Art Work by MML.

    Laundry: A Never Ending Cycle

    It may seem that laundry is never done at your house so why not declare it for the whole world to see!  


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    The Laundry Room: Loads And Loads Of Fun

    Loads and Loads of Fun
    Art Work by MML.

    The Laundry Room: Loads and Loads of Fun

    Sometimes it is laugh or cry. Boost your laundry room morale with fun games for kids.


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    Laundry Helps You Sort It All Out

    Laundry Sort it all Out
    Art Work by MML.

    Laundry Helps You Sort It All Out

    As my mother got older, she seemed to wash a tiny load of clothes every day. I asked her why she didn't wait until the laundry basket was full.

    Her reply, "I feel like I've accomplished something if I do a load of laundry". Sometimes the simple act of doing laundry can help us sort out the issues in our lives. Even better, do a load of laundry for someone who is down on their luck or hurting.

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    When I Said I Do, I Didn't Mean Laundry

    When I said I do
    Art Work by MML.

    When I Said I Do, I Didn't Mean Laundry

    If you feel like you need a bit of help handling the laundry load around your house. Teach everyone how to operate the washer and dryer and the basic steps for doing laundry.


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    Wash, Dry, Press, Fold, Repeat

    Wash Dry Press Fold Repeat
    Art Work by MML.
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    Laundry Is Something You Do

    Laundry Notice
    Designed by MML

    Laundry is something you do that no one notices, until you don't do it.

    Post this bit of wisdom on your laundry room wall and see if anyone notices.