12 Free Murder Mystery Games for Your Dinner Party

Choose One of Several Free Murder Mystery Scripts

murder mystery game and props

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Free murder mystery games are a cost-effective way to throw a murder mystery dinner or themed party without spending the usual $20 to $75 to buy the party kit that you'll probably only use once. Many of these games are suitable for 6 to 28 guests, so you should be able to find a great match, no matter the size of your party.

Many of these games get their inspiration from wink murder, one of the first free murder mystery games since the early 20th century. Unlike wink murder, which uses no props, each game includes character descriptions and scripts, so your guests will be ready to get into the game. Some free games include free invitations, name tags, and props. Many of these games request a "donation" or have paid versions that give users more perks or add-ons.


If you want a themed party but might want a different genre than a murder mystery, check out these ideas: spooky party games for adults, silly adult party games, New Year's Eve party games, and an escape room party.

Free Murder Mystery Games List

  • Sour Grapes of Wrath: This game has an almost 70-page PDF file that provides planning instructions, party invitations, costume suggestions, name tags, rules, secret clues, maps, accusation sheets, suspect dossiers, and the solution.
  • The Romanian Uranium Mystery: Here's a very detailed murder mystery game that includes a scripted show and an improved show set around your dinner party. You can pay a few bucks if you want a PDF.
  • Way Out West: This game includes the setup, characters, script, clues, and more. There's a version available for more than 10 guests if you need support for that many, but it'll cost you.
  • Jazz Age Jeopardy: Here's a murder mystery set in a 1920s jazz club in New York City. The free PDF file includes an introduction, instructions, a party guidebook, character sheets, clue cards, and voting sheets. Up to 15 people can play.
  • Butler Kicks the Bucket: Download free murder mystery character cards and play Butler Kicks the Bucket murder mystery, including cards for 15 players, so if you have fewer people, someone will have to play more characters.
  • Mafia Party Game: This fun detective-style murder mystery game is for 7 to 24 players. It's broken down into nighttime (when Mafia secretly commits murder) and daytime (when everyone votes to eliminate suspects). You'll need a deck of cards to play.
  • Murder, She Wrote: This is a free printable you can use to help Angela Lansbury solve crimes. You'll have to guess who the murderer was, the motive, and the details of the killer. This murder mystery game can be played by yourself or with friends around the TV.
  • The Business of Murder: This game has everything you need to throw a detailed murder mystery. Clues and invitations are all included in one convenient download. It's for 7 to 8 players.
  • The Movie Murder Mystery Party: 5 to 10 players can play. The backstory is that you're celebrating the completion of a film with your cast and crew, but the director suddenly dies. Lucky for you, he hid many clues so you can play this scavenger hunt-themed murder mystery. The download includes the premise, instructions on how to play, character descriptions, clues, scavenger hunt items, and ideas for awarding the winner.
  • Malachai Stout's Family Reunion: A fun, lightly-scripted murder mystery game set at a family reunion gone awry that 6 to 12 players can play. This game includes hosting instructions, a script, character sheets, clues, and the solution.
  • Crack the Codes: This murder mystery game is made to play in the classroom, although you certainly could play it at a party. A murder has been committed, and you'll need to use all your problem-solving and code-breaking skills to find out who the murderer was.
  • Hunt a Killer: Hunt a Killer is a popular game you can order online; although this game is not free, if you get a subscription, you will get two free "episodes" as part of the Mallory Rock murder mystery. As the sleuths, your group will sift through a packet of physical evidence in this story-driven case that tests your detective skills.