Free New Year Puzzles

Crosswords, Word Search Puzzles and Trivia Games to Ring in the New Year

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Ring out the old and ring in the new! Here's a selection of free interactive games or printable puzzles to start the New Year off right.

These puzzles and games are designed for older children and adults in mind. If you're looking for puzzles and word games for younger solvers, please visit New Year Puzzles for Kids.

New Year Trivia

Trivia buffs, are you looking for a challenging trivia game with a seasonal theme?

Then, check out the New Year Trivia Quiz and see how well informed you are regarding how various cultures around the world ring in the New Year.

New Year Word Searches

Word search games are an excellent way to keep the mind active and fit.

This free New Year Word Search features 21 hidden words relating to New Year's Eve and the first day of the year.

This hidden word game is of medium difficulty, younger solvers would probably be more at ease with these free New Year Word Search Games for Kids.

Crossword puzzle fans, for your crossword enjoyment we have the New Year's Crossword Puzzle, a seasonal puzzle with themed entries relevant to this merry time of year.

This standard, American-style crossword can be solved on your computer, in AcrossLite or on paper.

Those whose puzzle preferences lean towards the more challenging cryptic crossword genre will prefer the New Year's Cryptic Crossword by Will Dabeed.

And, for easy crossword puzzles designed with children in mind, see our page on New Year Crossword Puzzles for Kids for entertaining word games suitable for younger solvers or second language learners.

Daily Puzzling and its Benefits

Recent studies have shown that activities such as solving puzzles and learning a second language, if done on a daily basis, are a good way to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, improve cognitive function and ward off memory loss.

The New Year is as good a time as any to make the resolution to work your way through a puzzle each and every day.

Naturally, About Puzzles has free puzzles and games to help you do just that! Here's just a sampling of the many online and print-friendly puzzles you can find here.

  • Free Crossword Puzzles - In our main index of crossword puzzle games, you'll find standard American-style crosswords with entertaining themes as well as easy crossword puzzles for those just starting out or students of English as a second language whose vocabulary is still somewhat limited.

For expert wordsmiths who prefer the UK-style crossword, we offer a variety of cryptic crossword puzzles that will present a challenge to any cruciverbalist.

These puzzles can be played online with a Java-enabled computer or with the free AcrossLite© crossword player. A printable version of each puzzle is also available for those who prefer solving on paper.

  • Free Sudoku Puzzles - Fans of the addictive number puzzle will find hundreds of print-friendly Sudoku games to work through. The puzzles come four to a page in five difficulty levels.
  • For those who'd rather play Sudoku on their computer, we'll show you where to find Sudoku Puzzles Online.
  • We also have a variation called Alphadoku which uses letters rather than numbers and, when solved, spells out a word or phrase clued in the title of the puzzle.
  • Free Jigsaw Puzzles - The Internet is a great place to find free jigsaw puzzle games. Here's where you can find hundreds of puzzles to play on your computer.
  • Free Word Search Puzzles - For fans of the popular hidden word game, About Puzzles has a large number of word search games to play online or print.

Shop for Puzzles Online

If you want to develop the puzzle solving habit or encourage an older relative to do so, and Internet access is not practical then you may prefer purchasing a puzzle book or a cardboard jigsaw puzzle.

See our sections on:

  • Shopping for Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Crossword Puzzle Books
  • Sudoku Books
  • Word Search Books for publications dedicated to people with a penchant for puzzles.

I hope you enjoy the themed puzzles featured here and that the coming year is a good one. Happy puzzling!