16 Free Pallet Furniture Plans

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These free pallet plans will help you turn ordinary shipping pallets into something extraordinary that will look great in your home or make an awesome gift. Pallet furniture is very much in style right now and it's easy and extremely cheap to build with.

There's a wide variety of pallet plans here that including helping you make a cooler holder, patio bar, swing bed, outdoor furniture, Adirondack outdoor chair, trunk, coffee table, dining room table, bed, dresser, shelf, potting bench, wine rack, sofa, and even a shed all with pallets.

The free pallet plans below include color photos, written step-by-step directions, diagrams, materials lists, and everything else you need to build some great pallet furniture and accessories. 

Wondering where to find free pallets to use for your projects? Here are some tips on how to find free pallets near you.

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    Pallet Cooler Holder

    Picture of a wooden cooler holder

    Home Repair Tutor

    Home Repair Tutor has this awesome plan for building a cooler holder from pallet wood, and there's even a video you can watch to see how the whole thing is made.

    Any cooler can work, so long as you build the holder to match the cooler's size. Just realize that the cooler can't be used normally ever again, because the handles, hinges, wheels, and any other obstruction will need to be removed for the tightest fit. You'll also end up removing and drilling into the lid.

    This pallet cooler holder plan even manages to sneak in a drain so you can empty water from the cooler without having to dump the entire structure over. You can also add other things to this like a bottle cap holder and adjustable feet.

    It's recommended to have several pallets available to build this cooler holder.

    Pallet Cooler Holder from Home Repair Tutor

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    DIY Pallet Swing Bed

    Picture of a pallet swing bed

    The Merrythought

    If you have a twin mattress and some old pallets lying around, put them to use and build yourself this awesome swing bed from The Merrythought. You can, of course, modify the plan if you want a different size than what is used here.

    Because the pallets weren't the exact size that was needed for the base, and because the ropes require a little space on either end, this particular plan requires two pallets plus a little more to get the correct length, basically modifying three pallets to make one large one.

    Once the correct length has been measured, and all the boards are in place, just hang a rope from both ends to finish it off.

    DIY Pallet Swing Bed from The Merrythought

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    DIY Pallet Coffee Table

    Picture of a pallet coffee table

    The Merrythought

    This is another plan from Merrythought for building a coffee table that has a small shelf just below the top to store little things like magazines and books.

    All the materials and tools are listed out before you begin so you know what's needed to complete the project. The Merrythought provides plenty of pictures and advice to help you along the way.

    DIY Pallet Coffee Table from The Merrythought

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    Pallet Patio Bar with Concrete Top

    Picture of a pallet patio bar with concrete top

    Instructables Outside

    Use this plan from Amature Hour for Instructables to put together a patio bar that has a concrete top. This plan details a 40-inch high bar that's around 6 feet long.

    Due to the desired size of this particular bar, two pallets attached together were able to be used for the front, and another could be split into two pieces to form both of the sides. There's also middle support for the concrete top, and two shelves build down the middle of the bar.

    A full materials list is included so you can be sure to have exactly what you need to build this pallet bar.

    Pallet Patio Bar with Concrete Top from Instructables

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    Pallet Adirondack Chair

    Picture of a blue pallet Adirondack chair

    Instructables Workshop (Badlands_Wood_N_Stuff)

    Instructables also offers plans for an Adirondack chair by Badlands Wood N Stuff that is perfect for a deck, porch, patio, or lawn. Use this plan to learn how to build an Adirondack chair from pallets.

    There aren't any specific dimensions or drawings in this plan. Instead, there are plenty of pictures of the construction process and general notes about how the pieces fit together. See our list of the best Adirondack chairs for lots of design inspiration.

    Pallet Adirondack Chair from Instructables

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    Pallet Coffee Table

    Picture of a pallet coffee table

    Instructables Workshop (keremulu)

    This is another Instructables plan by Keremulu for a coffee table that uses pallets. It also has a shelf but uses wheels instead of legs.

    Something we don't like about this plan is that there isn't a list of tools and materials, but you can pick up on what you need as you move through the steps. We do like that lots of real-life pictures are given so you can get a feel as to whether or not you're building the table correctly as you complete the steps.

    Pallet Coffee Table from Instructables

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    Pallet Shed Plan

    Picture of a pallet shed

    Instructables Workshop (mmoffat)

    As it would seem, this is a much larger project than the other pallet plans on this list. It requires several pallets, additional tools, and materials, more cutting, and a lot more time. But when finished, you'll have yourself a fully functional pallet shed.

    MMoffat and Instructables give all the necessary tools and materials that are required for this shed and show lots of pictures and techniques for building it.

    Pallet Shed Plan from Instructables

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    Pallet Dining Table

    Picture of a white pallet dining table


    ScrapHacker has this clean and easy-to-follow 10-step plan for constructing a dining room table from wood pallets. The total cost for this project could be as low as $30.

    The legs you see in this picture were purchased from IKEA. A link is shown in the plan details so you can buy them yourself.

    There are lots of step-by-step pictures that follow each set of instructions, so it should be simple to see if you're doing things correctly as you move through the project. This project is perfect as an outdoor table or for use in your dining room.

    Pallet Dining Table from ScrapHacker

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    Pallet Sofa Plan

    Picture of a white wooden pallet sofa


    Construct this nice little sofa from simple pallet wood by following these ScrapHacker's DIY plans. ScrapHacker starts off this plan by telling you all the tools, wood, and hardware that you'll need to build this sofa. You'll need a shipping pallet, four, square beams for legs, and two wood planks for the lid and ledge.

    The instructions are very simple and short, and there are lots of pictures of this sofa being built as you move through the plan so as to give you an idea of how yours should be looking.

    Pallet Sofa Plan from ScrapHacker

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    Pallet Bed

    Picture of a pallet bed

    Santiago DIY

    This is a simple idea for a pallet bed from Santiago DIY that uses four pallets, but you can, of course, adjust that to whatever is needed for the bed size in question.

    There are plenty of notes and references to other articles from within this plan that may help get the most out of your pallets for use as a bed frame. This particular bed plan uses woodblocks as legs, but you could attach wheels instead to make it easier to move around.

    Pallet Bed from Santiago DIY

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    7-Drawer Pallet Dresser with Chevron Top

    Picture of a blue pallet dresser

    Her Tool Belt

    Her Tool Belt has this free pallet dresser plan that explains building a seven-drawer dresser from pallet wood. The dresser ends up being 54" wide and stands 30" off the ground.

    To build this dresser, you must first disassemble some pallets and cut them all to ensure they're the same size. Her Tool Belt has a very comprehensive cut list that shows you the quantity, thickness, width, and length of each piece that you need to complete the entire dresser.

    An illustration of the front, back, and sides of the dresser is shown so you can see the dimensions of the whole thing, including each drawer. The dresser uses seven drawer slides that are each 18" long. Links to where you can buy them are given in the plan. The dresser also has three-inch casters for easier mobility.

    7-Drawer Pallet Dresser with Chevron Top from Her Tool Belt

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    Pallet Board Shelf

    Picture of a pallet shelf

    Frou Frugal

    This is a very simple plan that uses pallet wood for a small shelf. It should take around 30 minutes to complete this project.

    The pallet shelf is made from two small pieces of wood that attach to form a 90-degree angle, with the back piece used to hold the knobs as you see in the picture, and picture hangers to hold the shelf in place on the wall. Because there are lots of places to get pallets for free, and the knobs used here were inexpensive, this entire shelf ended up costing under $5.

    Pallet Board Shelf from Desperately Seeking Suesie

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    Pallet Potting Bench

    Picture of a pallet potting bench

    2 Crafty 4 My Skirt

    This is a pretty simple potting bench that can be built using pallets and other wood you may have just lying around.

    The top has a bit of an edge on the back and sides, and there's also a shelf on the bottom for additional pots and fixtures, as you can see in this photo.

    The process for building this potting bench from 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt is as simple as tearing down some boards from the pallets to make the sides and then using the leftover pieces to construct the top and bottom shelf. Pictures are included for help.

    Pallet Potting Bench from 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt

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    Pallet Laundry Basket Dresser

    Picture of a pallet laundry basket dresser

    Ana White

    Ana White has this simple plan that holds laundry baskets in a dresser-like fashion by using pallet wood. The estimated cost to complete this project is around $20 to $50.

    The tools and other items you must have to build this pallet dresser are listed for you in the plan. There's also a list that says how many pieces you need for the sides, top, and back, and very specific cutting instructions that really couldn't be easier to understand.

    Pallet Laundry Basket Dresser from Ana White

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    Pallet Wine Rack

    Picture of a wooden wine rack

    The Kurtz Corner

    If you have one wooden pallet available, some wood screws, and a handful of other common materials, you can make yourself this handy wine rack without breaking the bank.

    This plan from The Kurtz Corner calls for a pallet without blocks and gives examples of what is meant by this if you're unsure. There are lots of written instructions and only a few images, so be sure to read them closely. Everything that's needed to get this wine rack completed is listed before the instructions start.

    Pallet Wine Rack from The Kurtz Corner

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    Wood Pallet Table

    A table and chairs

    A Beautiful Mess

    You can even make a table out of pallets! You will have to break out the power towels but as you can see it, it will be worth it in the end. You'll need one or two old pallets that you can collect the wood slats from for the top of your new table. Build a frame with some plywood and you're ready to add your wood slats. Hairpin legs are added for a quick but stunning finish. This is the ultimate weekend project that's perfect for someone looking for a pallet project that's a bit more challenging but still extremely doable.

    Wood Pallet Table from A Beautiful Mess