10 Free Potting Bench Plans

Potting bench made from plans with potting materials and plants in containers outside in backyard

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It may seem like an extravagant item for your garden or shed but you can easily build your own potting bench with these free plans.

A potting bench will give you extra room to pot plants and flowers as well as keep your gardening equipment. You can build one into your shed or as a standalone bench in your yard.

All these potting bench plans include everything you need to build a sturdy wooden bench. You'll find diagrams, photos, and step-by-step building instructions. They also include materials lists and cut lists so you'll know exactly what you need.

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    Backyard Potting Center

    A white wooden potting bench with gardening supplies

    Sunset Magazine

    Sunset Magazine's potting bench is 60 inches long by 63 inches tall. It has a narrow top shelf and then two larger work surfaces below.

    The plan starts off with a materials list to tell you the quantity and measurements of each piece of the potting bench. The steps in this plan are purely text, but there are several drawings at the end so you can understand them visually.

    An optional but helpful part of this potting bench is the wire screening in the back, between the top shelf and the main work area. This provides a place for tools without having to use up surface space.

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    Potting Bench Perfection

    A green potting bench by a shed


    This potting bench from Lowe's has a slide-out bin for extra storage. It should cost under $500 and is estimated to take 1-2 weeks to complete. There are lots of detailed instructions and diagrams (plus a short video overview) in this plan, so it should be easy to follow along.

    The lumber, tools, cut list, and all the other materials you'll need to finish the potting bench are listed out for you along with the step by step instructions.

    There's also a PDF that you can download for various diagrams that explain how the potting bench is put together. Everything in the diagrams has a number on them that you can use as a reference when reading through the instructions.

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    Make Your Own Potting Bench

    A wooden potting bench built out of pallettes

    Better Homes and Gardens

    Better Homes and Gardens has this free plan that utilizes wooden pallets to build an inexpensive potting bench. There's a 37-inch high work area in this potting bench.

    A full list of the tools that are used for building this potting bench is shown at the top of the plan, while the step by step instructions are below.

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    HGTV Gardener's Potting Bench Plan

    Onion (Allium cepa) 'Stuttgarter'
    FLPA/Gary K Smith / Getty Images

    Another free potting bench plan is available through HGTV. This bench has a dry sink and plenty of room for storage. It even has pegs to hang your gloves and boots for drying or to just keep them handy.

    Plans include full materials and cut list as well as illustrated construction steps.

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    How to Build a DIY Potting Bench

    A wooden potting bench

    Thrifty Decor Chick

    Check out this free plan from Thrifty Decor Chick for a potting bench that's simple yet useful. As you can see, the potting bench has a nice, large working area on top, plus a bottom area that's open on all sides.

    In addition to the steps and pictures that show how it's built, a short video gives an overview of the completed potting bench.

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    Built-To-Last Potting Bench Plan

    A solid potting bench

    Build Something

    Build Something has a free potting bench plan that includes a worktable, a large under storage area, and three selves for pots, gloves, tools, or anything else you'd like to keep within arm's reach. 

    This plan will take you through the process of building the potting bench from start to finish. There are step-by-step directions, a tools list, a materials list, parts, and cut list, diagrams, and extra tips and tricks.

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    Free Potting Bench Plan

    Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) 'Winter Gem'

    FLPA / Gary K Smith / Getty Images

    This is another free potting bench plan from Flaming Petal that you can finish in just eight steps.

    The plan is made out in a 2-page PDF. The material and cut list are at the top along with an estimated cost that totals $140. Each step is illustrated with written instructions.

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    How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench

    Bio degradable coir pots
    Rebecca Johnson / Getty Images

    The Family Handyman has designed this potting bench plan to explain how to build the bench without complex joints so as to be a relatively easy build. The bench has two small shelves and two large working spaces. It should cost from $100 to $500 to build.

    Some of the necessary tools include a tape measure, squares, chisel, miter saw or circular saw, and a jigsaw. The full list of tools you'll need can be seen in the Tools & Materials section.

    In addition to the step by step instructions is a cutting list that can be seen at the very bottom of the plan. Be sure to use the arrows to move through the different steps within each section of the plan. They can be easy to miss.

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    Free Potting Bench Plan

    Dividing spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) seedlings
    Rebecca Johnson / Getty Images

    Another free potting bench plan is available through FreePlants.com. This potting bench has a small upper shelf with a large main area both partially enclosed with back and side walls. There's also a large storage area at the bottom of the bench.

    Shelf brackets, plywood, braces, and the other materials that make up this potting bench are listed out before the steps begin. The cost of these materials is estimated to be around $50 to $60.

    Plenty of pictures are included with these instructions, so it should be simple to make sure you're doing things correctly as you move through them.

    This plan also has a short video that shows you how to build a modified, simpler version of this potting bench that has no legs but is supported by sawhorses.

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    Free Potting Bench Plan

    Person planting seeds
    Rebecca Johnson / Getty Images

    This is another plan from Taunton that you can download for free to build a potting bench with lots of room and a hatch on the main shelf.

    All of the instructions for building Vegetable Gardener's potting bench is in this 2-page PDF file. The first page is an exploded illustration of the bench, with measurements and simple steps. The second page details the cut list, tools, and materials you'll need.