Free, Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards

printable baby shower bingo cards

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Baby shower bingo is a popular baby shower game that guests and the moms-to-be just simply adore. It's a fun, interactive game that's easy to play and can bring a fun, competitive vibe to the shower.

These baby shower bingo cards can be printed from your home computer in just a few minutes time, and since they're all free, the game won't cost you a dime.

Below you'll find baby shower bingo cards in all different styles making it easy to find one that will seamlessly fit into your theme. There are ones geared towards boy or girl showers and some others that will work for both or a gender unknown shower.

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo: Have guests fill in the bingo card squares with gifts they think that the mom-to-be will receive. The guests play bingo as she opens her gifts. The center is free, and any line wins - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

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    Baby Shower Bingo Cards from Aspen Jay

    A pink and blue baby shower bingo card with elephants on them
    Aspen Jay

    These adorable baby shower bingo cards feature a very cute elephant and are available in both blue and pink.

    There is also a free matching baby shower guest book printable that features the same cute little elephant.

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    Baseball Themed Baby Bingo Cards from Aspen Jay

    A group of baseball themed baby shower bingo cards
    Aspen Jay

    Aspen Jay has created another adorable set of baby shower bingo cards, and this one is baseball themed all decked out in blue and red. There are even a baseball and baseball bats in the free space.

    There's also a matching banner that spells out "Concessions," which would be perfect for over the cake and snack table.

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    Pretty My Party's Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards

    A floral baby shower bingo card.
    Painting Paris Pink

    Pretty My Party has these free baby shower bingo cards that already have the squares filled in for you. There are 20 here making it easy to use for even a fairly large group.

    They are designed in a beautiful floral pattern that will add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any baby shower.

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    Six Sets of Free Baby Shower Bingo Games at Kimbellished

    Kimbellished animal themed bingo cards

    Kimbellished has designed 6 sets of baby shower bingo games. There are bingo cards with woodland animals, dragons, jungle animals, zoo animals, the Eiffel tower, and pink and leopard print. 

    Each set includes a whooping 100 pre-filled bingo cards, calling cards, a word list, and instructions.

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    Baby Gift Bingo Cards from Hallmark

    Raindrop baby shower bingo cards

    These free baby shower bingo cards from Hallmark are simply adorable! They'll go great with any shower theme or color scheme and would work for a boy or girl shower.

    The best part of these baby shower bingo cards is that the gifts are already filled in the squares making it easy for all the guests to jump in and get playing.

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    Baby Shower Bingo from Real Housemoms

    Baby Bingo

    Real Housemoms 

    Real Housemoms has designed a unique baby shower bingo game that includes vintage hot air balloons and can be used for either gender.

    There are 24 bingo cards included, and you'll also find a matching ​Price is Right game.

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    Project Nursery's Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards

    A baby shower bingo game with a pencil on top
    Project Nursery

    Project Nursery has designed this simple baby shower bingo cards in four colors - mint, aqua, green, and coral.

    These are blank bingo cards so you can customize it for the mom or group of women attending the shower.

    The bingo cards print four to page, and you'll just need to cut them out before the game begins.

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    Baby Shower Bingo Cards from Crazy Little Projects

    A blue baby shower bingo card laying on a table
    Crazy Little Projects

    If you're looking for a more traditional game of bingo, that doesn't involve opening fits; this baby shower bingo card fits the bill.

    Crazy Little Projects has designed this set of 12 baby shower cards that includes not only the cards but also the calling cards. There's a blue version like the one in the photo but also a purple version.

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    Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

    A blue and white baby shower bingo card
    The Scrap Shoppe Blog

    These free, printable baby shower bingo cards can be printed in blue, pink, or yellow.

    You'll love how the directions for the game are included on the bottom of the baby shower bingo cards.

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    A Trio of Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards by Invitations and More

    A Baby Gift Bingo game in yellow and green
    Invitations and More

    These free baby shower bingo cards come in three different color combinations, pink and green, blue and yellow, and green and yellow.

    Simply print and then follow the directions above to play baby shower bingo.