Free Baby Shower Bingo Cards Your Guests Will Love

printable baby shower bingo cards

The Spruce / Kori Livingston

Baby shower bingo is a popular baby shower game that guests and the moms-to-be just simply adore. It's a fun, interactive game that's easy to play and can bring a fun, competitive vibe to the shower.

These baby shower bingo cards can be printed from your home computer in just a few minutes' time, and since they're all free, the game won't cost you a dime. Find more free baby shower games like this one.

Below you'll find baby shower bingo cards in all different styles making it easy to find one that will seamlessly fit into your theme. There are ones geared towards boy or girl showers and some others that will work for both or a gender-unknown shower.

How to Play Baby Shower Bingo: Have guests fill in the bingo card squares with gifts they think that the mom-to-be will receive. The guests play bingo as she opens her gifts. The center is free, and any line wins - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.