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Sending out baby shower thank you cards is a great way to thank your guests for coming to your shower and for the wonderful gifts that they bought for you and your new baby.

Getting the baby shower thank you cards done can be a daunting task for the busy new mom, but it doesn't have to be. The cards below can quickly be printed and be all ready for a handwritten note. Some can even be customized before printing.

These baby showers thank you's look best when printed out on cardstock but if it's a folded card, regular printer paper will work.

Some of the free baby shower invitations also come with matching baby shower thank you cards. Be sure to check those out, sometimes there are whole suites of free baby shower printables.

If none of these baby showers thank you cards are your style, here are some free, printable blank thank you cards. They look wonderful and will allow you to add a custom note in your own style.


Have the guests address their own thank you card at the baby shower so mom will just need to write a note.

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    Printable Baby Shower Thank You Card

    thank you card © Blueberry Squash

    Blueberry Squash

    Here's a cute little baby shower thank you card that features the phrase "thank you" and multi-colored baby pins on the front of the card.

    This baby shower thank you card prints four to a page so you can flip the card over and write your message.

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    Free, Printable Baby Shower Thank You Card

    thank you card from © Catch My Party

    Catch My Party

    Catch My Party has a free, printable baby shower thank you card that's perfect if you are having a little girl.

    In addition to the thank you card, you can also download free invitations, tented cards, banners, cupcake wrappers, Hershey kiss labels, straw flags, water bottle labels, baby advice cards, and wish tree tags

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    Baby Shower Thank You Wording

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    After you've printed off your baby shower thank you card, you may be wondering what you should write in it.

    The best piece of advice is to be sincere and of course say thank you. Start off with the guest's name and then thank them for the gifts. List the specific gifts that they've given you and then say something specific about what you liked or tell her how you'll use them.

    If the guest attended the shower, be sure to thank them for coming. If they didn't come you may want to mention how much they were missed.

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    Mailing the Baby Shower Thank You Cards

    Paper envelopes

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    If you're printing a free baby shower card that doesn't come with a matching envelope, you can find plenty of printable envelope templates to fit your card.

    Creating your own address labels are easy, and then all you have to do is print and attach before mailing the thank you card.

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