7 Printable Bachelorette Party Invitation Designs

Playful young female friends drinking in a bar for a bachelorette party
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Bachelorette party invitations should be one of the first tasks you tackle after you've figured out all the details with the bride-to-be. These invites will give your guests important details about the party and even provide a hint at the type of bachelorette party they can expect.

There's no need to purchase bachelorette party invitations when you can print off some great looking ones for free. With such a wide variety of styles, you should be able to find one perfect for the party you're hosting. These free bachelorette party invitations can be fully customized with all your party details, printed from your home computer, and then mailed or hand delivered to the guests.

After you send out the bachelorette party invitations, the next step will be planning the party games. Consider an active game, such as a bachelorette party scavenger hunt.