12 Free Bridal Shower Invitation Templates

A beautiful bridal shower invitation is a promise to guests that they can enjoy a fun bridal shower to honor the bride-to-be that they cherish so much. It's the first step of the party and sets the stage for what kind of soiree the guests can expect.

There's no need to buy bridal shower invitations when you can simply download these beautiful invitation templates for free. They vary in style so you're sure to find one that matches your bride's style and personality.

Most of the free, printable bridal shower invitations can be edited on the computer and then printed out with all the custom details included. A few of them will need to be handwritten after printing.

After you've customized your free bridal shower invitations, check out the free bridal shower games like bridal shower bingo that you can print out for free.

If you're helping the bride out with her wedding planning, be sure to check out these wedding freebies, including these free registry gifts, to help her save some cash. There are also some free bachelorette party games to make the bachelorette party a blast.

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    Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

    A floral bridal shower invite on a marble table

    The Kitchn

    The Kitchn designed this stunning bridal shower invitation template with a blue script font, and florals in shades of pink, blue, and white. It is an invitation that looks like you spent lots of money on.

    Open it in Adobe Reader and then edit the text to reflect the bride's name, date and time of the shower, address, names and contact information of the shower host, and registry information. Print them off and you're ready to party.

    Floral Bridal Shower Invitation from The Kitchn

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    Friendship Wreath

    A floral wreath bridal shower invite

    Greetings Island

    Greetings Island has a beautiful bridal shower invitation template that has a modern hand-drawn floral wreath with shades of coral and yellow.

    You can change the text in this invite to fit the bride in your life, the date and location of the shower, and any RSVP information.

    if you want to customize it more, you can change the font style and color as well as add photos or virtual stickers.

    Friendship Wreath from Greetings Island

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    Floral Wreath

    A pink and purple floral bridal shower invite

    Wedding Chicks

    Watercolor florals in purple and pink surround the bridal shower details in this gorgeous bridal shower invite from Wedding Chicks.

    You can customize this free bridal shower invitation with the name of the bride-to-be, date and time, hostess and address, and any RSVP information. There's also a matching advice card, sign, bunting sign, and hashtag sign. 

    Floral Wreath from Wedding Chicks

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    Bubbly Couple

    A purple and white bridal shower invitation with corks.

    DIY Network

    Couple's wedding showers are a lot of fun and this blue and white bridal shower invitation will invite your guests to come "stock the bar" with all their favorite drinks. The couple will come out with a full bar to take home and the guests will have tons of fun sharing their favorite cocktails.

    You can fully customize this bridal shower invitation with the names of the happy couple, date and time, address, RSVP information, and anything else you'd like to add.

    Bubbly Couple from DIY Network

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    Here Comes the Bride Wreath

    A green and blue bridal shower invitation that says "Here Comes the Bride".

    Greetings Island

    This lovely bridal shower invitation is super feminine with flowers in green, blue, and yellow along with the phrase "Here Comes the Bride."

    All of the information can be customized and it can be downloaded and saved or printed right away.

    Here Comes the Bride Wreath from Greetings Island

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    Here Comes the Bride

    A floral pink and green bridal shower invitation.

    Catch My Party

    Here's another free bridal shower invitation from Catch My Party, this one in a blue, green, and purple floral design.

    This bridal shower invitation comes with free matching tented cards, a welcome sign, water bottle labels, cards, flags, party circles, napkin rings, labels, glass markers, favor tags, and cupcake wrappers.

    Here Comes the Bride from Catch My Party

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    Glitter and Blush

    A pink and glitter bridal shower invite

    Chicfetti Weddings

    Here's another free bridal shower invitation from Chicfetti, this one decorated with blush and gold glitter that's perfect for a girl who likes to stand out. All text can be customized before printing.

    You will need to sign up for a free membership to download this bridal shower invite.

    Glitter and Blush from Chicfetti Weddings

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    They Are Getting Married

    A couple's bridal shower invitation laying on a table.

    Squirrelly Minds

    Squirrelly Minds has designed this cute-as-a-button free bridal shower invitation that can be printed out in a matter of minutes.

    You can't add your text to this bridal shower invitation before printing but your handwriting will give it an extra special touch.

    They Are Getting Married from Squirrelly Minds

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    Blushing Invitation and Favor Tags

    A pink chevron bridal shower invitation

    The Flair Exchange

    The Flair Exchange has created this lovely free bridal shower invitation that comes with matching flags you can use on cupcakes or favor boxes.

    There are a few different designs of bridal shower invitations here you should check out like Sweet Love, Natural, and Blooming.

    Blushing Invitation and Favor Tags from The Flair Exchange

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    Pink Bridal Shower Invites

    A pink and white bridal shower invitation.


    Open this printable bridal shower invite and you can completely edit the text before printing. This same design can be printed in the pink shown here, or blue, green, and purple.

    There are two other free bridal shower invitations here including one with a picture of a bride and a very cute invitation with a couple of lovebirds.

    Pink Bridal Shower Invites from Do-It-Yourself-Invitations.com

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    Around the Clock

    A yellow and white bridal shower invitation on a table.

    Oh Happy Day

    An "Around the Clock" bridal shower gives each guest a time of day and they get to buy a gift that goes along with that time. This free bridal shower invitations will easily assign a time to each guest.

    These color bridal shower invitations come in blue, orange, yellow, and purple with a time assigned to each.

    Around the Clock from Oh Happy Day

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    Paisley Bridal Shower Invites

    A pink paisley bridal shower invite

    Catch My Party

    This pretty bridal shower invitation from Catch My Party is red, green, and white and comes with matching address labels.

    There's more than just free bridal shower invites here, you'll also find a matching welcome sign, party circle, cupcake wrappers, tented cards, favor tags, thank you notes, wine glass markers, drink wraps, banner, party flags, and patterned paper.

    Paisley Bridal Shower Invites from Catch My Party

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