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Two Young Brothers Coloring.
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A popular request from visitors to the Family Crafts site is for free, printable coloring pages. After all, the joy of coloring spans all age groups -- even coloring books for adults are all the rage! Who can resist a new box of crayons and a coloring book?  

Why Color?

Art therapists have long touted the benefits of coloring and the calm it can induce with children, but adults are jumping on the bandwagon too.

In January 2016, noted that researchers at Johns Hopkins University as the editors of Yoga Journal were promoting coloring as an alternative to meditation. Crayola even got involved, releasing markers, colored pencils and adult coloring books called "Coloring Escapes." 

Like meditation, coloring lets us shut off our brains from distracting thoughts and focus on the present moment which helps to eliminate free-floating anxiety. Even coloring a simple, round frame with geometric patterns inside can promote mindfulness and tranquility. And coloring is especially effective if you're not used to expressing yourself with other forms of art. If you really want to tune in and focus, stick with pencils instead of crayons as they allow for greater precision.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

No need to purchase coloring books from Crayola o reap the benefits or coloring. Instead, use these resources to make your own coloring books; discover hundreds of free coloring book pages and assemble your own.

Personalize them if you wish!

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You can try to draw a picture using a paint/graphics program on your computer; you can draw a picture by hand and scan it into the computer, you can print out a collection of free coloring book pages found online, or you can use all of these methods!

To draw your own coloring pages, start with a plain, white sheet of paper, a pencil, ​and a black marker. Sketch the picture lightly with the pencil; once you're happy with the design, trace over it with the marker and then scan the picture. Open it with my graphics program and play with it until you're happy with the way it looks.

Also, try scanning pictures from magazines or coloring books; however, be mindful of copyright laws and use them for personal fun only. Once you've scanned a picture, simply open it in a graphics program and print it out if it is just black and white. If it has color, you can usually remove it using tools in your graphics program. 

Finally, you can find an enormous selection of free printable coloring book pages online. Print, bind them together using staples or punch holes along one edge and tie them together using ribbon or yarn. 

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