8 Free Graduation Thank You Cards

Graduation Thank Yous and Advice for What to Write in Them

Grad gift and notebook


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Sending out a graduation thank you card to anyone who gave you a gift or attended your ceremony or party is a must-do. It's important to get your graduation thank you cards in the mail as soon after the ceremony or celebration as you can. Within the week is expected but sooner is even better.

These graduation thank you cards are all free and they can all be customized with text and photos before or after you print them. It's the final step of graduation and makes sure that your friends and family feel appreciated and loved.

If you want to create your own graduation invitations, here are some ​free graduation templates that look just as good as ones you buy at the store or through the school. This graduation clipart might be a fun addition too.

If you're looking for a more casual card or just something a little different, here are some free thank you cards that you can print out and mail to the people you want to thanks. There are also free graduation congratulations cards that you can give to your friends who are graduation along with you.

What to Write in the Graduation Thank You Card

Here's what you should write in your graduation thank you card:

  1. Say thank you. Say thank you for the gift, thank you for attending, thank you for their support, thank you for cleaning up after the party, and so on. Anything that they did for you or gave you, you need to say thank you for.
  2. Be specific about the gift. If you are thanking someone for a graduation gift, mention what they got you specifically and then tell them how you plan to use it.
  3. Add something personal. This is the place to express how much they mean to you, how glad you were to see them, how sorry you were that they couldn't make the party but still send a gift or anything else that makes the thank you card feel less generic. 

Re-read the thank you card as if you were receiving it. If it sounds personal and sincere then you're all ready to get it in the mail. Here are some free envelope templates and address label templates if you need them for your cards.