Valentine's Day Puzzles

Free Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Games

Heart puzzle
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If you're looking for free Valentine puzzles for older children and adults, enjoy sampling the many online and printable games found here.

Valentine Crosswords and Trivia Games

Do you enjoy trivia games? How much do you know about St. Valentine's Day and its pagan origins? Take the Valentine Trivia Quiz and see how well-versed you are when it come to St. Valentine's Day history and lore.

Crossword puzzle fans, on the other hand, will enjoy the 'Sweetheart' Crossword Puzzle, an American-style crossword puzzle with a lovely theme for solving on your computer or to print and solve at the breakfast table.

We also have a themed, skinny-mini puzzle celebrating this romantic holiday, the 'Time to Woo' Crossword Puzzle which can be solved online, in AcrossLite or printed.

Fans of the more challenging cryptic genre of crossword puzzles may prefer the February Cryptic Crossword, a cryptic crossword with a hearty theme. Once you've solved it, you'll find that the four entries bordering the grid are topical. Solve on your computer or print and solve at your leisure.

Think you know a lot about Valentine Trivia? Test your knowledge with the Valentine Crossword by Kelly Ann Buchanan. Though the puzzle doesn't adhere to all the criteria required by most publications for their American-style crosswords, it does have a large number of Valentine-themed entries and fascinating facts about the holiday.

If you're looking for simple crossword games for children or students learning English as a second language, then head over to our index of Valentine Crossword Puzzles for Kids for free easy to intermediate crossword games celebrating St.

Valentine's Day.

Valentine Word Search Games

Here's a Valentine's Day word search puzzle in large print for those who prefer larger letters in their word search games. Available in English and Spanish, these puzzles are a good way for second language learners to acquire and retain new vocabulary. These word games of medium difficulty can be played online or printed.

For word search puzzles appropriate to younger solvers and ESL students, see our section on Valentine Word Search Games. Here, you'll find a large number of free word search games to play online or print. The puzzles come in varying difficulty levels, from very easy, 8-word games for primary level students to very challenging seek-a-word games for older children and adults.

Valentine Anagram Games

If you have a penchant for scrambled letter games, we have a couple of puzzles which suit the bill. Our Valentine's Day Word Scramble is an online word game where you're given a sequence of letters which needs to be unscrambled to form various words related to the Valentine's Day holiday. We also have the 'Love' Songs Word Scramble where the challenge is to unscramble the jumbled letters to reveal a song title which contains the word 'love'.

Valentine Puzzles for Children

For some "hearty" fun this Valentine's Day, check out the free themed puzzles and games listed in our directory of Valentine Puzzles for Kids. Youngsters can entertain themselves with puzzles galore, including easy to challenging crosswords and word search games featuring vocabulary words related to the holiday, Valentine's Day jigsaw puzzles, hidden picture puzzles and spot the difference games, maze puzzles, dot-to-dot games and many more online and printable puzzle games celebrating St.

Valentine's Day.

Personalized Puzzles

Finally, if you're looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift idea, consider one of the personalized Valentine message puzzles or the heart-shaped photo puzzle featured in our directory of custom-made jigsaw puzzles.

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day filled with love and joy. Happy puzzling!