8 Free, Printable Wedding Favor Boxes

many colored wedding favours
lorenzo tombola / Getty Images

Use free, printable wedding favor boxes to give your guests a little gift to thank them for taking the time to come to your wedding. These boxes can hold any type of small wedding favor, bulk candy being one of the most common and inexpensive items for the boxes.

All the wedding favor boxes listed here are free and can easily be printed from your home computer. They all come with directions indicating where you should cut, fold, and glue or tape to make your wedding favor box complete.

We suggest printing the wedding favor boxes out on cardstock, so they are heavy enough for you to put favors inside. Heavy scrapbook paper or even photo paper will work too.

The wedding favor boxes can be topped with a free customizable tag or a wedding label and also act as place cards for your reception, showing the guests where they should sit.

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