8 Free DIY Wedding Favor Tag Designs

Gift bags with heart-shaped Thank You labels

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These free wedding favor tags will add the finishing touch to your wedding favors and you won't have to spend a dime to do so. They can easily be added to any gift or attached to a favor box. They also make great labels for just about anything. Many of the free wedding favor tags can be personalized before printing. This way you can add the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, or any other personal message you'd like to include.

These free wedding favor tags look best when printed on heavy cardstock. Depending on the design, you may want to try different colors of paper to get just the right look. They'll look just like you got them printed especially for the event.

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    Calligraphy Tags

    Wedding favor tags that say "With Love"

    Confetti Daydreams

    Confetti Daydreams has created some classic black calligraphy wedding favor tags that are free for you to download and use. These tags print out 12 per page. After printing, you'll just need to punch a hole and attach them to your favors.

    You need to subscribe to Confetti Daydreams' newsletter to get the printable, but it's completely free to do so.

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    Heart Tags

    Heart-shaped label with "Love" in woodcut font


    Weddings are all about love and these free wedding favor tags say just that along with a unique floral design all inside of a heart. You can print these favor tags out on any color of paper you'd like, completely changing the look of the tag.

    You'll need to join the Chicfetti website to get this tag but it's completely free to do so.

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    Bee Tags

    A wedding favor tag attached to a jar of honey

    Botanical Paperworks

    Honey has become a popular wedding favor and it makes perfect sense with these adorable wedding favor tags stating that the new couple is truly meant to be. Customize these wedding favor tags from Botanical Paperworks with the couple's initials before printing them in pink, brown, or black.

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    S'more Tags

    Wedding favor tags with S'more supplies

    Lolly Jane

    There's not a guest around that won't be thrilled to get this package of s'more ingredients as their wedding favor, especially with these cute wedding favor tag attached to them. You can download these printable wedding favor tags from Lolly Jane in chalkboard style with orange and green accents.

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    Trail Mix Tags

    Jars of trail mix with wedding favor tags on the top

    Something Turquoise

    Here's an adorable wedding favor idea from Something Turquoise with a free wedding favor tag to go along with it. Print these wedding favor jelly jar toppers that say "Life is Salty, But Love is Sweet" in aqua, red, blue, or orange. Make up a simple trail mix, place it in a jelly jar, and top it with these labels.

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    Silhouette Tags

    Custom silhouette wedding favor tags

    Wedding Chicks

    Wedding Chicks has designed these silhouette wedding monogram tags that you can customize with the couples' initials. The website will take you through the process of creating the favor tags by inserting the initials and choosing the color for the text and silhouette. You'll then be able to save and then print the tags. They print out 5 by 5 inches, and you'll just need to punch a hole in the top before attaching them to your favors.

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    Fancy Tags

    A wedding favor tag on a white box

    DIY Network

    DIY Network has some beautiful wedding favor tags designed by The TomKat Studio. Small hearts thank guests for coming to your wedding. These favor tags can be cut out as circles or squares. You can completely change the look of these favor tags by printing them out on different colors of cardstock.

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    Chevron Tags

    A red and white chevron thank you tag

    The TomKat Studio / HGTV 

    The TomKat Studio has created another great group of free wedding favor tags, this time for HGTV. The favor tags are available in chevron circles or rectangles and come in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and gray.