10 Sets of Free, Printable Wedding Table Numbers

free wedding table number print out

The Spruce / Kori Livingston

Creating your own wedding table numbers for your reception is an easy DIY project that any bride with ten minutes and a printer can accomplish.

These wedding table number templates are just as stylish as the ones you can buy and none of your guests will be the wiser that you made them yourself. Unless you want them too!

The free, printable wedding table numbers are either ready to be downloaded and printed or they're available as ​templates that you can customize with your own text, colors, and numbers before printing.

The wedding table numbers look best when printed out on cardstock. You can then either fold them into table tents or place them in an inexpensive frame. Don't be afraid to get creative and hang them on wine bottles or put them around a vase. They'll look great paired with these inexpensive wedding centerpieces.

Using these free wedding table numbers are just one way to save money on your wedding. There are tons of wedding freebies available including programs, favor boxes, favor tags, labels, thank you notes, and registry gifts.

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