Free Scrap Yarn Patterns for Crochet

What do to with all of your leftover yarn scraps!

Scrap yarn projects are perfect projects for so many reasons. Of course, there is the obvious reason that you don't want to throw away yarn leftover from other projects; scrap yarn patterns make good use of that yarn at no added cost to your pocketbook. Scrap yarn projects are also great because they can be so colorful, which is something many people love in crochet. Perhaps most importantly, working with leftover yarn challenges your creativity, encouraging you to create new things in...MORE unique ways that you might not have thought of before. Get started with these scrap yarn projects and patterns today.

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    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3
    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3. Kathryn Vercillo

    The classic granny square is a terrific go-to motif for working with scrap yarn. You can make squares in any size to suit the amount of yarn that you have leftover. You can make solid-colored squares if you have enough scrap yarn in the same color or change yarn every round when working with just little bits of leftover yarn.

    In addition to the classic granny square, there are many variations that you can mix-and-match when making afghans and other scrap yarn projects:

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    Double Rainbow Crochet Square
    Double Rainbow Crochet Square. Amy Solovay

    Granny squares are hardly the only types of squares that you can make in crochet. You can crochet squares in rows as well. Combine different scrap yarn squares to make fun and creative projects. Some great scrap yarn crochet square patterns include:

    • Double Rainbow Crochet Square. You could work it in the rainbow colors as pictured here or switch out colors based on what you have leftover from other projects.
    • Scrap Afghan Square. This free crochet pattern uses four different colors of yarn to...MORE create a beautiful design.
    • Afghan Squares In Every Size. You'll find a collection of 35 crochet square patterns here in sizes ranging from 3" - 12".
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    Shawl Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn
    Shawl Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn. Shawl Crocheted Using Scrap Yarn -- Photo © Erica Jackofsky

    Erica Jackofsky gives you complete instructions for how to crochet a shawl using scrap yarn. Each shawl you crochet using this pattern is sure to be a colorful, one-of-a-kind original even though you will be using the same basic stitches for each one. This is a great go-to project when you have a lot of yarn leftover from various projects.

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    Easy Scalloped Crochet Bookmark Pattern
    Easy Scalloped Crochet Bookmark Pattern. Scrap Yarn Crochet

    Any very small crochet project is a good choice when you have small balls of yarn in your stash. You can use Ravelry to search by yardage to find crochet patterns that use only the amount of yarn that you have. Examples of small projects that work well with just little bits of yarn include crochet jewelry, bookmarks, narrow headbands, and cup cozies.


    Image: Easy Scalloped Crochet Bookmark Pattern by Scrap Yarn Crochet

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    Scrapalicious Crochet Purse
    Scrapalicious Crochet Purse. Creative Crochet Workshop

    Creative Crochet Workshop has done a series of posts with patterns for using scrap yarn to create varied projects including a bag, a blanket and a cushion. The individual patterns were originally written as CALs and those are available for free; alternatively, you can download the PDFs of the full scrap yarn crochet projects. If you want to learn how to use leftover yarn to create big projects then this series is a great resource.


    Image: Scrapalicious Crochet Bag by Creative Crochet Workshop 

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    A Freeform Crochet Rug
    A Freeform Crochet Rug. Photo Submitted by an Reader Who Goes by the ID "tiamia01."

    Keep in mind that you don't need to work from a crochet pattern; freeform crochet is one of the best ways to use up scrap yarn. You can take the yarn that you have and use all of the different crochet stitches that you know to create beautiful works of art. It is a lot like painting with yarn.

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    No-Crochet Scrap Yarn Projects

    Yarn pom poms
    Yarn pom poms. Tracey Leigh/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    There are many ways to use leftover yarn in your crochet projects without actually using crochet to make them. For example, you can create yarn poms and fringe to accent your works. If you make amigurumi, you can use leftover yarn as stuffing. Get creative with the many ways to make use of every bit of yarn you have!